The people are sovereign and it is the citizenship who legitimize the proposal and its scope, it is outside the jurisdiction of governments and monarchies, banks and small and medium enterprises, large commercial corporations and international agencies, who can observe, comment, question, make statements and send messages from the machinery of the System, but can not decide whether ENERGYS expands or stops.

Finally the most widespread daily activity on Earth is the scope of responsibility and free will of the civilian population, which happens to be a Herd System to become the power that complements the traditional currency and determines the final prices in markets and cities. It is a common achievement that emancipates the human race and gives the empowerment that has always been at hand and yet had never been used before with the consequences and scope given in the Era of Humanized Global Capitalism, precisely, because there can becooperation between the parties instead of fighting and throwing dirt and blood to the community.

The success of a nation or a race has to do with their degree of personal satisfaction and the overall well-being of the people, beyond the objects and possessions that have been used to date as signs of success and fortune. Money, not even in large amounts, can achieve the fullness of people, joy or happiness doesn’t depend on cash in your pocket or zeros that adorn the figures of the bank accounts. However, the feeling of usefulness and real contribution to the community, though money is short and sparse, involves a component of what has been called “happiness” and is felt as joy.

The added value of the application of the ENERGYS device in meetings and agreements between the parties, whether that has to do with products, services, knowledge, cities, countries, is the value of people, with the people and for the people: a bet that can only benefit and guarantee advantages for the whole society. Health, education, politics are questions that earn added dimension when the innate goodness of being human, when trust is mutual and support is reciprocal, then the known economy enters a higher dimension that carries the seed of solidarity and fraternal world where equity and equality of opportunity is a reality. The responsibility to investigate in front of this option is something that no one can stop thinking about. The final compromise will be born of the internal dialogue of every woman and man on the planet, of his or her honesty and courage and particular integrity.

If the basic text governing countries ensures that the ultimate goal of a country is the good of its people, how is it possible that the reality of our times show the opposite?

The truth is that each citizen is ready to contribute to a better world for each commercial exchange with the simple requirement to state the gifts and talents of its protagonists. It is a holistic behavior applied to business and any agreement between two people (P2P).


The perversion of the system is that companies that behave more ethically, are those that have the largest commercial disadvantages, despite their human conduct and solidarity and responsible actions to protect the ecosystem. The State and the Markets reward the ruthless desire for profit and aggressive competition without an iota of consciousness. Therefore, the values that allow harmonious relations to flourish between people such as empathy and solidarity and brotherhood and respect and responsibility, become replaced by individuality and greed and callousness and falsehood and vanity. There is no love or respect, nor the possibility of sharing the general welfare, because in that case, the circumstances to enable the general welfare involved in shared joy simply don’t exist. It is easy to get carried away by the concepts of sharing, synergy, symbiosis, but these premises are outside the scope of the traditional economy where the only thing that matters is ACCUMULATE MONEY NOTHING MORE.

It is a totally immoral perversion that money can circulate freely around the world, across oceans and borders and yet, people are prohibited from traveling freely and indeed, can be shot if they cross an imaginary line on the ground and are enclosed in cages like animals. But what’s even more alarming is a Mercantile Corporation with the available status of “legal person”, in other words, a legal process is required to punish firms for a violation because “they have the right to defend themselves” and the law gives companies the right to enter any country and settledown to “do business”. The can live in the country like a citizen and can have corporate citizenship in many countries at once. On the contrary, most people on the planet can not move from where they were born without a passport and an authorization of the country they want to visit. It’s unheard of! ENERGYS develops a series of projects in social network to solve this kind of injustice that the United Nations currently permits.

Another perversion of the system lies in the forced taxes imposed by the authority of force, through a hierarchical structure that limits the expression of citizenship and its potential.

Money should be the medium for economic activity, but this basic and elemental matter is betrayed, since money has become an end in itself.Therefore, the spirit of trade relations is taken away from cooperation and general welfare and what happens then is that the power of one party is elevated to the detriment of the other, the equivalent of: inequality.

Capital is an instrument and its purpose should be the general welfare and happiness of the greatest number of people, however the economic model of our time contradicts this value because it measures success solely by the increase in capital, rather than the happiness index of the human being.

Money is an invention, it is somewhat artificial, and, today, something that is not supported by anyone. The system still stands because people give a vote of confidence by force of habit, but that doesn’t mean it works well. It means that to date there has been no alternative and the population has had to settle for, and resign themselves, however, now the ENERGYS device is has come to complete the known economic model, to improve the contribution from all citizens who are empowered and expressed, manifesting their energy.

The best part of ENERGYS is that it is untaxed, it is a conduct that brings many advantages but can not force trading. Social capital is free of encumbrances. No tax is payable. Enrich the community for their generous and magnanimous contribution that exists thanks to the conscious will of the people and fraternity which expands in a climate of shared joy.

Dignity, solidarity, equality of opportunity, in addition to the constitutional values such as democracy and justice and health and education, and ecology and organic food. This is the cocktail of economic cooperation.


The chance of ANOTHER POSSIBLE WORLD and the FEARLESS PROCESS that from the ENERGYS global digital social currency, goes through the proclamation of NOT continuing the hypocrisy of applauding solidarity and fraternity and then serving individuality in favor of money. A large majority of people have long said that ethics and common good are good and profitable issues, above all because it is fashionable and the affirmation is elegant, but in reality what is regularly sought is the conquest of private interest and personal gain … because the system has been at an impasse for decades. Now women and men on the planet are given the opportunity to write in their own handwriting the fate of one’s life and the way of life of the human race in this century.

It will be the interaction of the System Structure with the option of Personal Mutation, which means, with the implementation of implicit attitudes that bring Fundamental Humanistic Principles is what will make the Economy of Cooperation a bridge to the healthy and peaceful society. If selfishness and greed and lust for unlimited growth give way to solidarity, equality, common good, consumption and labor and trade and “collaborative” leisure, Human Capital will have a value that will be perfect to complement the dynamics of commercial transactions.

If trends encourage sharing and equal interchange, and corresponding benefits (solidarity and fairness), then it is EASY and GLOBAL to speak in terms of ENHANCED SOCIETY and hence a civilization without hunger, without crime, without unemployment, nor wars, there isn’t so much distance. Moderation, modesty and humility, are presented to encourage a higher version of our civilization.

Generosity is a virtue on any corner of the planet, but is rewarded or penalized? Honesty has the same meaning in all cultures, it is a behavior that is considered favorable and very positive in the eyes of the smallest and yet it turns out that during working hours and in the midst of professional activity and during trade, it shines by its absence and there isn’t an iota of remorse because the System has programmed people to be insensitive automatons when it comes to the Economic Mechanism. The Materialistic Temperament is the doctrine that is born in the cradle and dies in the grave, right? Yes, if that’s what you want. No more excuses! No more justifications! It’s not someone else’s fault! It is needless to regain personal responsibility and commitment to the community.

Is it possible to apply the consciousness of unity and universal brotherhood? Could the eighteenth-century man fly from one country to another… Yes! But it hadn’t been imagined, they didn’t have the fearless spirit of visualization. It takes passion and desire to enjoy life along the way. It is necessary to challenge the norm and jump into the void to discover that we have immense wings with which to fly.

Solidarity is not applauded in business, rather it is ridiculed, on account of whom? People who belittle the inner treasures of women and men; are they worthy to hold positions of responsibility that determine the course of human history?

The worst human vices have been legalized and the flourishing virtues in commercial transactions trampled upon, but this will be different from the moment that HUMAN CAPITAL is put into circulation as currency that complements traditional money. ENERGYS is the utopia that is reached.

Listed on the stock market are raw materials but something quite fundamental such as how ethics in business isn’t a regulated measure that can be measured …   For this reason ENERGYS is the utopia that is embraced with  joy.

IMAGEN MANOS CENTRO CORAZÓN-Together, creating an equitable, healthy and peaceful world that our race deserves.

Fundamental Humanist Principles lead to the new human stage of the Enhanced Social Organization.

There is no Honor nor Nobility nor “political virtue” if the principle means love of country and laws, instead of love between people and love of the best possible behavior, without coercion or threats to anyone. If there is a pyramid or a head that governs and determines, it is impossible to have equal opportunities. If some are “above” and others are “below” and without the necessary information nor the necessary resources, it will never be viable either social equity or justice. But if men and women understand the consciousness of unity and universal brotherhood and unconditional love, the daily situation varies dramatically. We refer to Natural Law which expresses the feelings of the citizens living by for and with the community. This is the only necessary law, the rest are “rules of the game” that the system entangles from ethics and morals, the state and religion.

Today the traditional economy reflects human misery, the ugliest vices are present in economic transactions. The economy of cooperation is to address weaknesses in the system through social capital and the practice of ENERGYS as a sign of improved society. It’s strange and it remains curious that human weaknesses are those involving material success and professional success, this indicator should make us reflect and ask ourselves with honesty: What society do we have and what society do we want?

The financial objective focuses on maximizing profit and the profit margin at the expense of humanity, in other words, acting against others, against their dignity and tranquility, sometimes dragging down the employees of the companies. This means that senior managers or shareholders are “bad people” … or usually indicates that their conduct is often not ethical … Usually it happens that you can choose between fundamental human principles for a healthy, peaceful and united society, choose to know practices of selfishness, greed, vanity, deceit, arrogance, injustice, insensitivity, etc. Those are the rules of the game forcing men and women to follow deplorable behavior patterns that reduce the ability of spiritual evolution and enhance materialism and individualism and frivolity.

Acts from reasoning are thought about and acted out silencing the, feeling of the soul, justifying with the slogan: the end justifies the means. This is not true! Nothing justifies the suffering and hunger and misery of the people in favor of nations with more weapons.

Investors bet the people who direct the destinies of the companies, unscrupulous, calculating, cold people, immune to everything because they think that being kind and generous and honest is not the way to generate wealth. They are flatly wrong!

The formula that has been used since early last century is that the greater the degree of impurity in the virtue of the leaders of corporations and countries, the greater the degree results will translate into dividends and commercial advantages.

However, you can redefine the notion of success and reinvest in the economy. Simply add a powerful word: cooperation. The economy of cooperation allows for the expansion of social capital to expand and be the fundamental principles that make great human beings who take the lead to replace those attitudes and behaviors that intoxicate healthy and peaceful dynamics of the planet. Earth can be fair and abundant and will be, from the moment circulation begins and through the continued use of ENERGYS.

The three commonly used indicators of success in all conversations of senior corporate and political leaders, always have the same word in common: money, the object of the Economy. Achieving multiplicity “at any price” has established a society that lives between fear and frustration, between lies and obfuscation, between the feeling of misfortune and guilt.

Is money the goal of the economy? …

What if many people stop their lives, they leave the everyday inertia of the day that pushes them to go fast in directions they haven’t chosen, entangled in the web of the System?

If we apply a test that measures the general welfare in addition to financial ratio, then we have an opportunity to create an improved society together. If only we measure the financial ratio of investments leaving out the consequences and collateral damage of ferocious and unbridled capitalism, aggression is camouflaged with figures showing a pleasing aspect of monetary benefit and economic profitability, but the data does not speak of the joy and fullness of being human.

The most important feature of World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS is that it is like a loudspeaker for people to express what they require and also a catapult to get where they need to go, skills and resources in terms of renewed attitude focused on equal opportunities.

What rulers and businessmen believe that the proposed ENERGYS device makes sense?

What political leaders and social players support Humanized Global Capitalism and its implementation?

What people are added to the option of promoting planetary actions to monitor economic cooperation and global digital social currency?

No one can condemn to priori a proposal without at least checking its usefulness.

No one can limit this offer that the world population is empowered to legitimize.

Different governments can ignore the feelings of men and women as the System has done from the past, however, in the Internet age, the people display their emancipation and their full sovereignty with concrete acts, sometimes silent or discreet, but with incontrovertible consequences.

BGandT says it is time to trust the popular will and experience an initiative that does not harm and yet opens up a wealth of opportunities that are impossible to measure without direct experience.

And if there was a model society where money wasn’t scarce, would you be interested in participating? Today, money is made electronically by financial institutions, in addition to governments at a lower rate through printed bills printed and coins minted with symbols, but what would happen if people could make money just like banks and governments do?

The citizens of the world do not have access to money, they have to obey bosses who can reward their work via money at the end of the month, but instead of following orders and doing many things that do not feel they really do.

People do not enjoy their jobs and that causes dissatisfaction and frustration that they mute with analgesics and frivolous and ephemeral distractions.

With GLOBAL NATION & HUMANIZED CAPITALISM, finances will surge towards the arts which today have been marginalized for not being profitable and productive, like poetry … In our System, we lack the beauty of delicate and simple poetry that results in harmony in the community and the planet.

The World Bank Gifts and Talents helps to complete the vision of social leaders who incorporate human principles in their daily activities, leaving aside the usual priority of profit margins or economic expansion.

What if the monarchies supported an initiative that favored their subject people?

What if political leaders could implement an initiative born of citizenship?

What if senior managers of large corporations could integrate a social dynamic that raises the level of satisfaction of employees and suppliers and their customers?

What if the the agendas of presidents of international organizations had visions of music and poetry instead of the power structure?

But the truth is the CITIZENRY IS SOVEREINGN and it doesn’t matter what they do each other. If the majority of the population is connected to a social network with clear ideas that projects a clear benefit for the whole world society, Earth will mutate.

Why is money needed to live? Gifts and talents are needed to translate activities to social benefits, that is the economy of cooperation that rewards innovation that speaks of social consciousness of unity and universal brotherhood.

Ethics is already in our hearts and in the constitutions of the nations. Making the result of good manners and good practices visible and of rewarding those who promote fundamental humanitarian principles in society needs to be made visible,  it is attainable with the global digital social currency. Unlike those who develop group values for acheivement, only to improve their closed circle, Humanized Global Capitalism is constituted as a form of reflective anarchy that is very favorable and positive.

The measure of success of the economy of cooperation is in practice, just starting to walk, to the extent of the confidence dealt by the people to incorporate this habit in their meetings and agreements, allows the dynamics of a new social feeling which translates into higher quality commercial transactions of all kinds.

The flexible structure will be transformed to fit the best, the most simple and quick and easy to understand and implement, but outside of parliaments and congresses of deputies and the senate, directly from one citizen to another, directly from one city to another, directly from one country to another, in complete freedom.

It is needless to question decisions, all that needs to exist are decisions that drive the model that complements the traditional economic mechanism. Referendums aren’t needed or democracy for voting, because the population is who is empowered and is those who sum and accumulate in full transparency the force of reason for the common good that no one can argue.

This gradual implementation of a complement to traditional money, is a giant leap for mankind, a raising of the bar of happiness. Through ENERGYS, we are improving the model of a better world.

The solidarity of the economy is oriented to express practical solidarity with people. The private economy is oriented to generate and accumulate profits, regardless personal satisfaction. The public economy is oriented by political objectives, regardless of the common good of the citizens. The economy of cooperation distances itself from the previous three. Its activity is practiced among people outside the institutions, prioritizing mutual trust and mutual support in favor of their own welfare and that of the community, in a climate of shared joy. Utopia? This is GLOBAL HUMANIZED CAPITALISM through the Global Digital Social Currency, ENERGYS.

In the ENERGYS proposal , the activity builds a way to be through the economy and to be in the world providing tranquility and harmony. This uniqueness transcends the effects of the Traditional Economic Mechanism and Market concept. It is a pleasant surprise to live in the era of GLOBAL NATION.

The projects of the BGandT venture seek collective solutions to implement social management, rich and pluralistic in its conception, daring and “something crazy” but democratic and easy self-regulation.


The social and solitary economy is a sector of the economy located between the private sector and business and public industry and government, including Cooperatives and Mutuals and Companies located mostly in the Collaborative Consumption. It is a form of production and distribution of centered wealth valuing human beings and NOT the prioritization of capital (money). It was necessary to raise the bar and make progress to reach much further. GLOBAL HUMANIZED CAPITALISM in itself is MONEY BETWEEN PEOPLE & BY PEOPLE & FOR PEOPLE. It promotes consensus and harmony between human beings through Economic Cooperation that achieves general welfare particular fullness. The ENERGYS device facilitates the utopia of equality and shared joy, without adding costs or expenses or commissions, nor the toll payment of interest.

Anarchism from the SOUL is the work of unity and self-oriented production and consumption and marketing of gifts and talents that facilitate the total development of people and community. The basis is the understanding of the value of goods and services and the work of human and social value as a means of liberation and real emancipation of men and women of the planet. This happens as part of a technological process that empowers people through mobile phone technology. Could it be defined as economic democratization? … Yes! Together we create cutting-edge, viable alternatives and are responsible for the best possible world before the fraud and very likely collapse of the Traditional Economic Mechanism.

States are governments that preside in partnership with international organizations who must deal with the general interest and happiness of the people, but do they? … Companies and their managers and shareholders, address only the accumulation of profit and economic gain, is there room for employee satisfaction? GLOBAL NATION, regardless of the system and its institutions, deals with all people on Earth. It is the movement of SOVEREIGN society that is empowered through global digital social currency.

GLOBAL HUMANIZED CAPITALISM introduces a new interpretative paradigm for social relations, and a new way to practice and understand work and employment, and the economy and money, from the perspective of SOUL. 

Every man and woman has the right to choose what their money is used for and how they want to use his and her gifts and personal skills. Each person has the opportunity to create with others an improved version, compared to today’s world where the citizens happen to be a customers of the bank, involved in building a World Bank whose currency is energy and purpose, they have nothing to do with shareholder dividends and yet a lot to do with solidarity and peace that comes from a healthy GLOBAL NATION. Each person using the global digital social currency defines their level of involvement and the time they spend on their habits that ensure reduction of selfishness, greed, speculation and the callousness of our time.

It is a way to associate that does not require filling any record or accepting the statutes or rules imposed, nor consenting to conditions behind the small letters of hidden obligations and requirements.

It often happens that the soul is gagged or is silenced by the system and people are hiding behind the armories called institutions. And if you ask them about their behavior, they will respond as does the soldier who has shot dead a group of children and mothers at the exit of the school, ‘I only obey orders.’ But in my opinion, every human being has the free will to make their life a projection of their soul, instead of becoming the armed wing of the leaders in the shadows.

BGandT does not edit or publish or issue orders of any kind. It doesn’t charge commissions or manage fees or administration. What we do is integrate diverse communities, we enjoy the activity of playing freely with a high sense of consciousness of unity and universal brotherhood.

If the world is made without the participation of the planetary citizenry, can it be considered the best possible outcome?

If our civilization is being conformed without the throb of the soul, can it be considered a civilization at peak performance?

If the system is a network of soulless institutions, and the people within them shun internal and deep reflection, subject to organizational charts and hierarchies, do we have a healthy society?

The ENERGYS project will work if women and men on the planet want it to, and it is not in the hands of financial institutions or governments or international organizations or large industrial corporations. This circumstance makes this device of social innovation an interesting and exciting proposal, because its benefits are innumerable.

Can they continue to grow the countries with the current economic model?

Is it possible for another world economic order to reduce conflicts?

Is it only austerity measures that are needed to revive the economy or does it need a flash of light to provide a new dynamic?

It’s time to question things, time to examine ourselves and make new questions that provide effective solutions to the crisis of values and the economic recession, right?

 Emancipation and autonomy are born together with a sense of self-esteem that legitimizes the gifts and talents of people. All you need to do is bring people together to exchange knowledge and experience and agree on a common plan of tasks.

There is work. There is a great deal of work to do. So there is work, but not jobs, so why not create them?

It is in this sense, that World Bank TALENTS and GIFTS wants to be a space for intelligent, relationship forming attitudes and alternative projects to the usual dynamics of the System. Technical experts and political leaders have been unable to provide solutions to the challenges of our time. Their decisions have to do with everyday mechanisms that still govern today, and that are those that have led society to this extremely tragic situation and unfortunate consequences.

The enthusiasm of members of GLOBAL NATION lies in the confidence of the human soul. The teaching plan is to incorporate THE POWER OF THE SOUL into the daily dynamics. Money for money and grow grow grow. It is not the slogan that can continue monopolizing the headlines of the news and newspapers. If the current economic model is not adjusted to reality, incorporating the “best people”, the fate of our children and grandchildren will be more of the same, MORE materialism and MORE artificial and MORE stress and MORE depression and MORE feeling of guilt and constant fear.

It is the Fundamental Humanists Principles that are those that demonstrate a substantial transformation in communities. It is the lack of humanist values what makes the system a cruel and inhuman reality. You can perform commercial transactions and beneficial business and advantageous agreements without trampling on human dignity. While the premise is money, as an objective, rather than as a useful tool of exchange: the main obstacle is still thrashing the chromosomes of the System. Problems can’t be resolved by incorporating the same elements as those we have conformed to. The challenge is the social innovation, for this reason we spread economic cooperation on the basis of the common good: Humanized Global Capitalism (human capital of civil society in a form of anarchy that is born of the soul).

A change of values or ethics is not warranted but instead an attempt to recoup the VALUES that aren’t truly in use. Substitution of bleeding competence for friendly cooperation. Competitiveness has demonstrated that the consequence is war. Instead of being united, the companies and nations are one against the other, generating enemies and rivals who will want to damage. But competition can be converted into a fraternal embrace, in uniting forces to reach a better level of general welfare. Not everything is the result of exploitation.

The citizens have a daily responsibility in their attitude and in the manner in which they establish relations. Free will is the best gift of the people and is a synonym of Free thought. One can be an accomplice of the System or can join the daily in the feeling of generating GLOBAL SOCIAL DIGITAL CURRENCY: ENERGYS

In every daily act in which money is the intermediary, the global population chooses to support the economic mechanism that creates the illusion of chaos.  Men and women look poorly upon shoe companies who exploit child workers, they understand that the children should be in school rather than suffering through an intense day of effort that no adult supports, and then the same men and women go to a large shopping area and acquire the same footwear from the same company that manufactured in another country, leaving their neighbors and friends without jobs just because advertising pushed its spell.

There is no longer the struggle for an economic model over another, communism lost to capitalism, and the latter spread its tentacles across the globe.

But it is a “triumph” that brings with it an enormous failure, in other words, the people haven’t won. Institutions have legal personality and rights do not apply to human beings. The circumstances that go against Natural Law are accepted daily.

Most people subscribe to the phrase “money can’t buy happiness” and yet pursue ways to make more money rather than how to embrace themselves within and reconcile. The real wealth are the inner treasures. The real wealth of the world is the wealth in the form of services to society and products for the general welfare. Can a weapon contribute to the common good?

The gun that shoots LOVE, YES! There is only one weapon in the world in this class, and it is called the ENERGYS device. Do you want to have the software application on your mobile phone?

In the Era of Global Humanized Capitalism, people are considered by their attitudes and principles and the events in which they participate. The events that result from their behavior makes them feel good, especially because they can control and multiply their energy assets (ENERGYS currency) based on the personal commitment of EVERY DAY BEING BETTER PEOPLE… Agents for prosperity! Improved vital parts of society! Members get a sovereign citizenship that empowers!

ENERGYS makes you rethink the LIFESTYLE and how to observe people with whom you relate daily and thus turns out that the shoemaker is no longer just the man who repairs shoes. He has a name and wisdom and, if both, agree to use the device, it activates the united consciousness that facilitates the creation of another joint possible world that is urgent and necessary in our time. Unfortunately admittedly without blushing: the system has, for decades, been in alarming decline and has been dragging the people into the abyss.

If there is something that ENERGYS shows, is that there is no need to be face to face and to have eye contact to do something great together, Global Humanized Capitalism is the perfect complement to a social and economic system that requires review and correction, and we are doing this tuning to achieve a healthy and peaceful world where equality of opportunity and peace and abundance are a constant reality for everyone.

ENERGYS LIFESTYLE Use of the device makes you RE-evaluate yourself at an individual level and in relation to the influence itself affects the collective. It forces you to examine yourself to achieve all the capabilities of yourself and also of the other party that the agreement-transaction consolidates. It helps you to recognize all the possibilities for activities that are enjoyable and which, besides being enjoyable are achieved by outputting future work activities from creative entrepreneurship and empowerment of social innovation.

The ENERGYS device and all that its comprehensive performance entails is not a totalitarian system, not a centralized technical mechanism. The Humanized Global Capitalism concept results in the practice of the economy of cooperation through a technological tool that is managed from the mobile phone and the personal account on the website ENERGYS.ONLINE that is a versatile and flexible and transparent system that is PART OF THE BASE OF CIVIL SOCIETY, in other words, it is linear and nonhierarchical.

We are talking about safe highway that indicates direction in a circular, interlaced fashion. Each person decides if he wants to move on horseback or by bicycle or bus … all in the same direction to avoid collisions. THE WHOLE WORLD CREATES AND RECEIVES AND CONSULTS AND WATCHES OVER THE HUMAN CAPITAL IN THE GLOBAL NATION THAT IS THE PLANET EARTH.


With the global digital social currency ENERGYS, people know where the “capital” comes from and where it goes and why, and most importantly: the degree of benefit to society. Citizens create ENERGYS which creates SOCIETY. Creating ways to relate, they are creating a version of the world different from the current one. It is the relationships in society and the quality of those relationships among humans that is reflecting the human capital. The social and human capital of the world population is represented by ENERGYS. It is the greatest achievement of the human race since the discovery of fire or the wheel or the chip or fiber optics.

Planet Earth belongs equally to all women and men who inhabit, therefore, the money should also be of all men and women without exception, and, in fact, that’s how it happens with ENERGYS. It integrates the soul of the people that it is externalized through the device in the mobile phone as an extension of a particular human value in the world. It is not a small and anonymous group who imposes the amount of “money” flowing with subsequent payment of commissions. The amount of circulating ENERGYS reflects the public will get involved in the renewal of our civilization.

The number of agreements through ENERGYS show the desire to achieve an improved version of our society. The number of transactions from the consensus and convergence speak of the quality of its vital existence, and its existence will continue for this obvious reason: PEOPLE HAVE NOW CONTROL OF THE “MONEY” FLOW. THIS IS “DEMOCRATIC” MONEY. A DEVICE THAT ADDS TO THE GENERAL WELFARE without canceling out classic money that will continue subsisting.

Global digital social currency ENERGYS strengthens the potential of the qualities of each person that, put together, feeding back, are enhanced and expanded, contributing to the achievement of both in favor of a world that is regenerated and perfected at once.



What is the real contribution of ENERGYS to the world?…

The most obvious is that it tips the balance toward the side of the people, spreading their humanity and effective transmission of human values that are far from the usual practices of greed, speculation and violence. With ENERGYS, civil society is re-organized. With ENERGYS, the global community behaves in a profitable long-term way, because if there is something that is sustainable and essential, that is THE INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS that are not exhausted, are enjoyed when they make you feel good. Interpersonal relationships do not have a cost of extraction and raw materials, nor commissions and interest and therefore no debts. Certified debt by financial institutions and protected by governments and judges and police, in other words, the machinery of the system. Between people, there exists a pleasure of meeting and celebration of the agreement between people. Among people there are frank and generous gifts. Exchanges can be very happy and pleasurable and of solid character, marked by responsibility and fraternity and joy. The intermediaries who imposed rules and authority and seriousness disappear. Solid and cold structures where there is no room for spontaneity, disappear. The bureaucratic processes that exist to discourage and dizzy are pushed aside, while they tire and bore the citizens who complain and claim their rights that are diluted in the machinery of the system. We enter the win-win and dynamics of enriched treatment of person to person.

The world population as a whole has the opportunity to move forward in a climate of universal brotherhood. They simply need to remove the barriers that traditionally have been imposed cruelly from the concept of official money.




By not being a financial institution that provides money but a INTEGRAL PROCESS OF SOCIAL CAPITAL, that generates the global social digital currency from voluntary activities of reciprocal exchange, profit is not necessary. Interest charges are not mandatory.

The debt is strangling society.

World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS does not monitor or control, it is the same global population who manufactures the UNIVERSAL FREE PUBLIC REGISTRY as a vast Wiki on the Internet. On this site all the information that currently is only available to certain institutions and certain politicians and intelligence agencies will be reflected. This is to prevent inside information and to enhance transparency and equal conditions and opportunities for all citizens of the world.