ENERGYS planetary social digital currency

ENERGYS project complements the money factor incorporating the human potential that configures the human condition, in short: it leads people beyond the traditional materiality. In any survey, before money and possessions, people have always chosen health and love, and the desire to be loved, as vital, and also the ability to turn dreams into reality. These issues have to do with the feeling of well-being and yearning for fulfillment.

You can not separate the person from Money, as you can not separate Being Human from Nature. We need to join forces, find the symbiosis and synergy.


The current economic mechanism is the source of the greatest misfortune suffered by the entire world population. There is an ethical contradiction between what companies advertise and their true social behavior in international markets. And the current system, through policy decisions and private interests of an elite class, has made the economic mechanism the cause of all the ills of our world. Today and for many decades, trade relations at all levels have been based on the desire of the greatest possible profit and direct confrontation with the competition.


Today and for many decades the premise of winning above all else and at any price, has achieved a world full of hunger and misery, and intentional wars where nations do business. But the usual scenarios can be replaced if we incorporate the global digital social currency ENERGYS. With the maximization of the common good and the economy of cooperation as a complement to traditional money, we come closer to the vision of an improved society. The greatest contribution by both parties that relates to closing deals and producing advantageous agreements, will hand over a general excitement to applaud the gifts and talents in a climate of trust that generates feedback and support that benefits the whole of society.

We must put in place the rules of economic incentive according to the human spirit and not with the desire of those who hide behind soulless institutions. There is no constitution of any country on Earth that mentions fierce competition and profit without considering the social effects. Justice and solidarity are values that are printed in official documents and yet are not reflected in the dynamics of cities and countries around the world.

Can the foundations of the system be transformed? … Of course! Today the system is based on competition and the fight to win to have possessions and to have more resources and to have titles and applause, however, you can choose to make BEING a priority.

The awakening of widespread consciousness highlights the growing willingness of people sensitized to the suffering of the weak and marginalized. It is time for countries to resolve the contradiction of values between what is legal and what is valid and pleasant and convenient for all the species. The economy of fierce and unbridled capitalism is transformed into the Economy of Cooperation as a sign of social capital necessary to stop the chaos and moral degradation which can lead to the possible extinction of our race. People, mostly, bet on what makes them feel good. The joy of seeminghappy the other is a significant and momentous event for the community and, in turn, is now a real and permanent option. Instead of feeling remorse for ethical issues and a sense of guilt for not achieving standards that are sometimes somewhat absurd, a space for social and overall mutation can easily be opened. Global & Easy!

The good life, being good, to have and to share.


What is the real success of a community or country or continent? …

The gross domestic product is an economic indicator, data that exhibits the politicians in their statements but doesn’t really measure what’s important for the majority of people. The traditional legal tender should only serve as a means to organize trade and transactions of goods and services relationships. If there is war or peace, democracy or dictatorship, respect for the ecosystem or aggression to land issues, this information is not reflected in GDP data. There are no reliable statistics to determine if the deal is right. The “official” data does not report whether any sector of the population is excluded and if it is being marginalized. Nor does it specify whether confidence grows or decreases and whether there is fear and panic before an uncertain future emerges. Although the GDP represents growth, this does not mean that it is a healthy thing that generates peace and welfare in the population. Quality of life and basic needs and fundamental humanitarian principles are excluded from the economic analysis conducted by governments.

The presidents and economics professors and bankers would be orphaned if the vision of their world, designed and based in markets and business niches were to disappear. But Humanized Global Capitalism craves just the cooperation: Intense cooperation, synergy between parties in favor of another possible world that is urgent and necessary in our time. This is not a confrontation against the Economic and Financial Structure mechanism that drives the current system. This is to complement and raise the bar of what is good and right for all people alike who are full and happy on our planet.


The financial indicators have their limits, the most basic is that they leave out the sense of usefulness of the citizen and their degree of personal indulgence, in addition to the particular vision of their society and possible improvements that they could help achieve. Every human being should be able to express their intrinsic value and appreciate their gifts and talents as obvious signs of social innovation and improvement of the world he or she inhabits. The financial statement and the distribution of dividends to shareholders, leave out essential topics of conversation such as the following questions:

  • Does the company create or destroy jobs? Are the jobs are reviewed to improve the working conditions of employees, or otherwise, do employees go from bad to worse in a rush?
  • Does the company treat women equal to men? And if so, is this reality reflected in the payslips?
  • Does the company protect or destroy the environment? In other words, does the company produce weapons or organic food… Exploitation can have beautiful, shiny numbers, and they can be beautiful and shiny but they can still be a complete failure from a human value perspective. If wealth is gained at the expense of the suffering of others, is this legitimate? Is it legal? And this is what has been happening for decades, until when?

World Bank TALENTS and GIFTS bases its activity on very simple principles that enhance the common good of society and quality of life of the planet’s population.

HOW THE FIRST ENERGYS ARE OBTAINED. Working … but in a friendly way and of extraordinary achievements. You generate a strong investment in time and energy that translates into a gain beyond the traditional economy. The global digital social currency ENERGYS can not “buy”, in other words, you cannot go to an agency to give ENERGYS in exchange for dollars or euros or yen. You must earn them! It’s easy, fun and free, and it takes just 5 minutes. You register as a user opening your personal and private account at ENERGYS.ONLINE and you download the app on your mobile phone.

The ENERGYS DESKTOP is a purse that manages your balance and movements where it reflects the creation of money to spend. You can accept and receive money as concept of “payment for services” but it makes no sense to save the coins. Its dynamic is precisely the use, interaction, exchange that enriches the community and transmits the type of person you are through public history (there is also the option that this data can not be consulted, the level of account visibility is a choice that depends exclusively on the user / public encryption keys and passwords, permissions that each person freely defines).

Also, if you don’t initially know who to cooperate with, you can choose a welcome voucher for your first global digital social currency in exchange for a contribution in the form of community service. There are different types of BONUSES. ENERGYS is the best way to invest in human capital society itself.

CRUCIAL TRIGGER POINT. Where does the Integral Process commence that marks the improvement with respect to the current cryptocurrencies?

There is no pricing mechanism (price-fixing mechanism), we propose the transition from dynamics of competition to the transaction of synchronized cooperation, this is precisely Humanized Capitalism, money from people outside the System and the Market.  If ENERGYS should be “on par” to be compared to “the value of traditional money”, we will need to continue abductees by the traditional financial system without providing a significant novelty.

For citizens to be completely free, the mechanism for financial “awareness” must be completely autonomous and independent. It should lie within the responsibility of the user and the combined efforts of both parties (consensus) so that the power of the people is really genuine and effective. Therefore, we agree on the amount of ENERGYS exchanged in each transaction, the amount of ENERGYS is exchanged. The global digital social currency has the value that each person gives to his or her Work / Talent / Time. Sometimes an ENERGYS can be the equivalent of 1 dollar or 1 euro and can also be the equivalent of 10 or 100. The agreement is set free and agreed to freely between the parties. It has to do with the “monetary” capabilities of people and their actual disposal. It is an opportunity to balance things.

There are no impositions, there are onlyreasonable agreements among people with an awareness of unity and brotherhood to the surface of the skin. It is negotiated and the agreement is set with an exchange of “social justice” during a fun chat away from the imposition of reason by force or the excuse of the Market or fear of market laws.

WHY START USING ENERGYS. The person who trusts her or himself, feels the need to participate in the creation of another possible world, and if you have the will to relate and to exchange with others, you will understand the advantages derived from their own personal stimulations. ENERGYS empowers the world’s population, and provides a capacity for action that does not exist today with the use of traditional “official” money, in other words: emancipated. The next generation is given an economic mechanism to ensure sustenance and human development and at the same time, to reduce conflicts and avoid confrontations with other people and the community, understood as the society of all, in which every gesture and particular act is involved.



World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS (BGandT) arouses interest and arouses the unanimous feeling of a society wanting to improve, whose greatest common good is not money, but instead human capital of civil society that is organized to complement the traditional currency, making it so the dynamics of business transactions become a horizon where the sunrise invigorates the Fundamental Humanist Principles.

The economy of cooperation, as its name suggests, is not a closed model, is an absolutely open model in which any citizen can explore without limits the scope of their potential as agents of social innovation in equal conditions. With respect to the governments, no legislation is necessary to “adapt” any kind of law. ENERGYS regulates itself from the base, the leadership of the pyramid has lost control over the population that empowers it and let out the better skills and knowledge that puts in common with the other citizens in an act of absolute global emancipation.

Each person “is a world” and every situation is different and, if that singular and unique situation can not be equated to the same situation in the case that the interlocutors were others, then the peculiarity is based on what is impossible to measure in the same way, however, the laws treat all cases the same way and certainly every case is different and requires different rules and regulations in line with the true essence of the encounter between A and B.

The wage gap will no longer be important, and we will see an end to the injustice that there are people who may be receiving more than five thousand times the minimum wage, the ENERGYS device is incorporated into daily activity on the planet. Suddenly, you can compete at a price that is adjusted to social justice and no longer will the markets determine prices, instead, they will be set by the people who have become aware that the people have the power.

There is a way for the woman and the man to contribute to make society better and all those who only look to their own welfare with complete insensitivity for others and for Nature, are automatically excluded from the use of ENERGYS global digital social currency because in the meetings and agreements of the transaction a unitary feeling is needed alongside companionship and empathy and if it does not manifest itself, the technological application does not work. The Improved Society is being perfected with every movement of ENERGYS & GLOBAL NATION project which is reflected in the Universal Free Public Registry (RPUG in Spanish).

Together, creating an equitable, healthy and peaceful world that our race deserves.


The ENERGYS project is vital and important because it is the ideal solution for the best possible world substance because it focuses on human needs in a more affectionate and respectful and committed manner that no State or Religion has done before in the history of the human race. In addition to the sustainability of these economic dynamics, it solves serious problems that have been a source of pain and tears: unemployment, crime, poverty, hunger. Multilateral and multicultural exchanges that enrich mankind from the moment of their inception are incentivized: THE IMPROVED SOCIETY New valuations are introduced that are translated into codes of conduct are introduced, from the monetary species that are accounted for in other ways and capital (classic, spineless cash money) becomes Human and Social Capital, directly controlled by men and women, all of them equal, for the people are truly the social force on the planet and not the state or religion or market.


ANARCHY as an option for social order. Its avant-garde ideology merges with the vibration of the soul that feeds its intelligent heart that moves away from the ego and the mind. All citizens are empowered and engaged with vigor of their gifts and talents in the various activities they perform.

Is a different interpretation of civil society possible? Can you see the world as Anarchists? Is it possible to open the eyes of the soul? How Healthy Is the concept of Consciousness of Unity and Universal Brotherhood?

It turns out that the history of civil society is far more extensive than we have been told. State and Religion have hidden valuable information which could better help us understand the world and life from true and unconditional love. The concept of ANARCHY OF THE SOUL is a set of several ideas and feelings vital to move to everyday behavior. They encourage you to think in the spirit of interpersonal relations that unite people in a great planetary family (GLOBAL NATION).

Quit associating ANARCHY with disorder and the isolated pockets of communes against the system and the State.

Lawlessness from SOUL is a way of voluntary social organization (that pays no tolls). Like it’s origin is certified in the Greek word. It doesn’t mean chaos and aggression or disorder. The English language contributes to confusion by mixing the word “anarchy” and the word “chaos”. In my opinion, ANARCHY is equivalent to ORDER WITHOUT LEADERSHIP (healthy and peaceful and fraternal organization). Anarchy is the opposite of chaos.

Anarchism has not always been practiced consciously through history. There is an anarchist conscience that emerged in the nineteenth century, the practice of anarchism is old and planetary. The desire and the manifestation of a social life created by people who care for it themselves is not something new. It is also the premise of the Negative Leadership, among whom exists the value of companionship, for example, but they live in a closed circle that isolates and desensitizes the rest of the species.

Is it possible to live in the System and at the same time, in GLOBAL NATION? … Yes! Citizens receive orders and laws and mandates and rules to follow from the state and religion but can also enrich these provisions with an opinion issued by members of GLOBAL NATION. Perhaps it is that this group of citizens of the planet emits a much more reasonable opinion, and both are equally valid. It is the responsibility of men and women to decide what is best for their voluntary application.

You think of CIVILIZED SOCIETY as a concept associated with the state, but it is autonomous and independent.

Civil Society and the Public Sphere are connected in the ENERGYS Project. How is society organized outside the State and how does it shape the public life of the people? Are you sure Civil Society depends on state regulation? Were there in past history voluntary organizations that were not considered civil society? You have to open your mind and heart to analyze and appreciate the people of the past who, daily, organized themselves across the planet with diverse lifestyles and peculiarities in the design of community.

The guilds for example, were very ancient craftsmen associations that cared for their members and had their own judicial system, therefore, they could be considered a form of civil society outside the state and the central government. In places like Algeria, before the colonial period, half of the agricultural land was considered an endowment, and held everything that is now the responsibility of the State: hospitals, education, care for the needy, etc. In Jerusalem before the Modern State, all schools were financed through equity funds that had been built through the centuries.


The global civil society is a society organized from the soul. GLOBAL NATION & GLOBAL DIGITAL SOCIAL CURRENCY operate from outside the State and the Financial System.

Civil society is useful in our time, only because it sustains democracy? Civil society is necessary, only because it legitimizes the electoral process? Without the media circus, would the democratic process of this covert dictatorship make sense? Can the State exist without civil society?

CIVIL SOCIETY amplifies the show of democratic preferences and sets the relays of governments and political parties in front of the State, however, thanks to GLOBAL HUMANIZED CAPITALISM, expression of the soul of the people is achieved. Global civil society: it emancipates … it empowers from the soul!

The SYSTEM is dominating us all but we can not do anything about it, are you sure? SOUL is where Freewill lies, right where Conscious Will is born. It is NOT true what they say: you are oppressed, imprisoned and exploited and there’s nothing you can do about it. NOT appreciating the opportunity for the best possible world amounts to an immobilizing attitude that hurts the whole human race.

There are too many victims of the financial system that do nothing against the system. Can you do something concrete? … You bet you can! And you can do it from love, without violence, with the goodness of the gifts and talents. Has it proved sufficiently liberating?

ANARCHY with SOUL is supported by four pillars: freedom and responsibility and equal opportunity, based on respect.

Freedom, Free Will, Conscience, Empowerment, Emancipation, without doubt, are the essential components of ANARCHISM: NOT submitting to any kind of authority that was not previously accepted only by the fear of retaliation or punishment (usual tactics of state and religion) or by the force of custom and tradition that come from government indoctrination and media manipulation.

Neither communism nor capitalism today make up the United Consciousness and the Universal Fraternity, therefore, neither System allows EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES. Both are focused on Totalitarianism. While the power is centralized and is located at the top, citizens can not SELF-GOVERN nor ensure that interpersonal relationships contain doses of solidarity and social equity, in addition to its whole like being human. The single thought promoted by the system in the last fifty years, tends to treat Equality and Liberty as opposing ideas, however, they can easily be conjugated through the ENERGYS device. It is not true that: if you have more equality, you will automatically have less freedom. There is a harmonious balance with always grows, provided that there is Equality & Freedom of Responsibility and Respect (my freedom ends where yours begins – peace is respect for other people). The equation is simple and is integrated within global digital social currency.

What ENERGYS basically reflects it is that no person is more important or less valuable than another and yet contributes to enhancing the reputation of every man and woman on the planet based on their actual achievements supported by the community, without dark agreements and secret deals behind the curtain.

Beyond “a payment system” the ENERGYS device is a positive and favorable philosophy of life that gives sense to Humanized Capitalism. It is a form of a mutual guarantee between the parties that are identified as participants in the consciousness of unity and universal brotherhood, in other words, both demonstrate a commitment to contribute to an improved world and the achievement of shared joy. We visualize this unique financial element of a social character that is operating in coexistence with the classic and traditional money in the mainstream methods of Internet payment. We like to conceive of a world where large industrial corporations have adapted and include the option that when one party doesn’t have enough money to complete a transaction, it can provide and accept ENERGYS to complete the amount agreed with the other party, giving credit to the device and to the concept of Social-Commercial Justice and Fair Economy of Cooperation.

The tyranny of the market is put aside and humans are given the ability to be managed themselves and the world that builds with each act (Anarchy with Soul). Prices are adjusted based on a dialogue between the parties, outside governments and the Financial System. We present a social life that is very different, more flexible and in agreement with the reality and demand of these times. This way of feeling our civilization provides multiple opportunities for the unemployed in the world to obtain from ENERGYS an opportunity to finance themselves and renew their dreams and aspirations through money from their gifts and talents. Unlike traditional banks that deny aid to people without fixed incomes with the usual comment “Denied due to inability to pay back” … ENERGYS.ONLINE shows that people DO have enough human capital to overcome and grow spiritually, and are willing to be productive and beneficial to the GLOBAL NATION community.

People have innate personal skills and potential that cannot find ways to be deployed at this point, but that will change and transform with the emergence of the ENERGYS Project. Every woman and man does not require money to become a Person, they have valid knowledge and the most singular lie is known as citizenship. Automatically, if it turns out that financial institutions -close the tap – by your inability to have cash, why doesn’t the government exonerate you from paying taxes and public transport services? It’s an incongruity! The system is a trap! It generates criminals who steal out of necessity and wealthy psychopaths who accumulate lust and are a glutton of materials!

Any citizen of the planet can apply to the ECONOMY of COOPERATION, much more human that the economic mechanism of “colored paper payments” that control an elite that operates in the shadows. For decades, if you didn’t have money, you couldn’t call a qualified, professional expert, you couldn’t have that service because you wouldn’t be able to pay him his professional fees due to lack of cash, however, after May 17, 2017, those professionals with SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS will accept partial payment for their services in the global digital social currency, ENERGYS… and the world economy will reactivate because there will be social currency circulating in Society. Human capital in movement!

The ENERGYS project, World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS is much more than a CHARITY CENTER for underprivileged and socially excluded and the entrepreneurially disabled to be much more capable and decisive as their own bosses. With the global digital social currency you pay for what you TRULY ARE, based on your PARTICULAR KNOWLEDGE, for what your knowledge and experience are worth and that only you can do with art and love. You are not on the pay according to your rank in the organization or depending on the position that is on your door or the number of votes on the board. The value of your wealth goes according to your gifts and talents, and not based on your possessions and accumulated objects, whether they are bachelor or master degrees or cars and houses or awards and applause and immoral covenants. The number of zeros in the numbers of your bank account should not impact whether your personal value goes up or down. It is outrageous to continue penalizing the earned income of an employee simply for being female.

However, thanks to ENERGYS device, the value it provided by the recognition of your reputation that is available online for free at the UNIVERSAL FREE PUBLIC REGISTRY (UFPR).

The ENERGYS project is a TRUE METHOD and SIGNIFIES SOCIAL TRANSCENDENCE instead of being THE SAME END OF MONEY FOR MONEY. The SPECULATION is the exponential growth spiral that makes the bubble burst from time to time. Explosions in certain sectors and regions are controlled and programmed. The best time to win a lot of money is during an economic crisis or a deliberate war. Astronomical amounts are earned when it is urged to sell and when you can buy below the price. Human insensitivity is clearly shown when a country that has just devastated a city with bombs that were manufactured for that intent, arrives to engage in the profitable business of rebuilding. It shows a total absence of humanistic principles where all that really matters is blood and money, instead of planting trees and hugs and trying to initiate laughter amongst the children of the world who are malnourished and who are without a hope, illiterate in extreme misery and premature death.

Most citizens of the world accept this system that perpetuates decade after decade because it normalizes with their unconscious and submissive behavior and thus the classic financial system continues to exist, however, some people ALREADY MAKE THE DIFFERENCE by means of the economy of cooperation. Giving up the system is good and healthy? Is the system being aggressive and damaging to citizens? What does the system know about affection and respect?

By incorporating the global digital social currency, what it is spectacular is that anyone with whom we interact at work or professionally or in a commercial field or during leisure activities, will become allies and friends instead of enemies and competitors, a healthy climate of solidarity and empathy for the community and nature.

No matter how small the beginning may seem, no matter what anyone says, if your inner voice encourages it, you act. What starts well, is done well, and continues well. That which is appropriate, is consolidated and remains forever.

We ask you for a lucid opening in the impasse in which the human race is stuck. It is a cult of life, love and happiness. Do you want to revitalize society?

The people need to get rid of the cold metal armor which is the Ego. Cosmos slack in the soul is effective communication and reproduction of the gifts and talents in society, and that is how human potential is given. It is the flash of light in the darkness. Reversing the trend of the tremendous loneliness of people and the empty, uncomfortable interior, empty of embrace within and reconciled with oneself. Farewell to the somber faces whose eyes do not express the adventure of life and if apathy and desperation. Ejecting the decrepitude of cities and the predominance of many living dead who move in the streets like zombies. Need more pills? Need more depression? Need more frivolous distractions?

These lines are addressed especially to children and adolescents, young people who can explain to their younger siblings things that happen in a language immersed in the dynamics of everyday adults cannot. They cannot for lack of time and tremendous fatigue. They cannot see the misunderstanding of some issues because their attention is focused on finding out how to pay the bills.

While you do not disconnect and you distance from the economic mechanism, it is impossible to see the whole image of the photograph. It takes a breath, a breath of fresh air, a reason for the citizen to breathe. The elders have knowledge and experience and if they put on goggles of the soul and sit on their knees their grandchildren, they will make a valuable contribution to the community. The ENERGYS key is to share and spread a message of unity and protection of human principles. There are numerous advantages for global citizenship once the ease of what is global is understood. So much has been talked of “globalization” but never on terms favorable to the inhabitants of the globe … As countries and their governments continue to set distances and continue fighting, now, the people of the world, we can greet and hug each other and smile in continuation.

It is the cosmic energy that creates everything, life, the world, society, the way we relate between each other, and the consequence of that relationship, the way the agreements and transactions occur, which will determine the place where we live, do you like the life you lead? Do you like the place where you live? Do you like the work you do?

Do you want to lead a better life? Do you want to participate in creating a superior society? Do you want to be involved in an activity that reflects your personal abilities and skills?

The MONEY OF THE PEOPLE “Social Capital” is constituted by the network of mutual trust and mutual support for the general welfare. It exists from the moment that the users-owners of ENERGYS, who in turn are the creators, men and women, and not a financial institution or the government or a private entity, experience the Era of Humanized Global Capitalism, existing on the margin of the system like a “complement”, perfecting traditional money. The Economy of Cooperation displays the gifts and talents of the people and fosters the circulation of the money enriched with human talent that benefits the community.


From now on, in The Era of Global Humanized Capitalism, the term SOCIAL CAPITAL shall have primacy replacing the trite and stale concept of Human Resources. People are “talent,” … that is, we are in ourselves WEALTH, but we are not the wealth or property of any “boss” although we may be in the organizational structure of an institution or become a part of the workforce of a company. People are fortunate to be able to deploy their gifts and talents and, most significantly: to foster the circulation of Energys GLOBAL DIGITAL SOCIAL CURRENCY.

The global digital social currency, energys, can neither be bought nor sold, one can not speculate with it, you can only exchange energy with energy in other words, trust, talent and effective communication, exactly the same thing as in a relationship of equals. Its nature makes it clear that it is a means and not an end in itself as with traditional official money. We are talking about sharing the best of people, just between them and for them, exchanging human energy, during transactions of goods and services and exchange of knowledge and skills. In the Era of Global Humanized Capitalism, the way that people relate, determines the kind of business that is promoted and performed and the kind of society that results and is maintained among all citizens of the planet.

The ENERGYS Team is the group of the world’s population

The driving group has designed a “process” and is testing the software application to create a device that is easy to use on mobile phones. All open source software guarantees the autonomy and responsibility of the user who freely gives life to the “medium of exchange” that not only includes “payment” but incorporates a model of civilization for our race. The purposes will be shared between the parties who maintain, by consensus, an “enriched” exchange that includes the fundamental humanist principles that each person determines. During the agreements, the values and objectives are shared, in which the founders of the global digital social currency have neither voice nor vote. Data isn’t controlled, nor is it connected to or audited by a central server. The plurality and versatility of the financial system for the economy of cooperation, facilitates the mutation that needs to happen urgently and necessarily in our society and what is most vital in this circumstance, without precedent, is that it is in the hands of every man and woman on the planet. Now, more than ever before in the history of our race, every citizen can participate in the change they want to see in the world.

Each person can be the change he or she wants to see in society. Each person is a rising star with the opportunity to transcend. It is time to improve our planet and the quality of universal life.

The CREDIBILITY effect. If the “government of ENERGYS” is directly in the hands of the people, rather than in those of a financial institution or the state or of an elite that controls and intends to enslave, credibility is determined by the acts and the use that give people the device, it is easy to understand. There is nothing behind the proposal of the ENERGYS Project, a “father” who rewards or punishes, no one monitors in the shadows and then decides to whether it is YES or NO. The true spirit of the coin lies in the reason that it is used, in other words, the “regulator” filter  consists of the HOW things are given that are converted to occurrences, and it is the conscious free will of each legitimate party transaction which determines the “organization and management” of the currency of Global Nation. People evaluate one another and mutually accept each other, and agreements are formalized freely, therefore, it is the result of the synergy between people from which the foundations of IMPROVED SOCIETY arise.

“Social” profit. Of course, if there is interest, no person performs a single act in their life without a particular motivation. People who use ENERGYS want to “make things better” and are activated in this direction by placing “controls” and “catapults” to boost the best version of citizenship (according to their own particular criterion). If we feel it and express it, it will manifest itself. ENERGYS is equivalent to SOVEREIGN SOCIETY. Within a democracy, politicians intervene, and above all, those who finance the political parties. In justice, lawyers and judges intervene. In public administration, officials and bureaucracy intervene. In the improved society, equally involved are all the women and men on the planet. The power of global citizenship is immense thanks to ENERGYS. Most significant is that the device serves to promote awareness of unity and universal brotherhood and general welfare on a global level. The motivation of the founders and those who push ENERGYS, is the emancipation of citizens. This is our desire: to create the canvas whereby all the people are free to choose the colors and shapes they want to represent the artistic work that is the human race.

  • ENERGYS is created through the meeting and agreement between two people that derives from a real activity, work done and includes a good or service or production and delivery and receipt of a product or knowledge. That is, the concept of credit doesn’t intervene, therefore, there is no debt or interest to pay.
  • UNLIKE THE LOCAL SOCIAL CURRENCIES, negative balances aren’t given, people can always “create” ENERGYS while the person is alive and has the opportunity to deploy their gifts and talents, besides which, the benefits are available to boost the economy of cooperation that gives meaning to Global Humanized Capitalism. The concepts of “balance due” or “in the red,” or “oxidation” are impossible. There is no instability between the recepits and contributions to the community, and in the case that there are imbalances, they are easily regulated with the possibility of equal opportunity to easily generate new coins, thanks to the creativity and initiative and the spirit of adventure or ability of men and women to “dream”, who know how to leverage the value of imagination and intuition. Each person manages their account based on their needs. The balance never has an expiration date or maturity.
  • The concept of Humanized Capitalism is reinforced, since exchanges occur only between people, between humans directly, without intermediaries or institutions that regulate and mark standards or are left with percentages. The agreements are voluntary and spontaneous, and are either equally beneficial for both parties, or not given. They are reflected in the history of each user and appear in the Universal Public Registry of Global Nation that any man or woman on the planet can consult free of charge. With THE PEOPLE’S MONEY it goes far beyond economics to enrich the means of payment. Let’s cultivate the earth together. Let’s plant the seeds of healthy and peaceful and united and happy society, without toppling the current system.


MAKING A DIFFERENCE. The current system imposes a financial intermediary as an arbiter who decides whether what people want to pay is a money that may or may not arrive at its destination. Then there is the “authority” of the receiving financial institution, whose economic mechanism validates or does not validate the transaction, aggravating it with charges and expenses. Both acts are regulated by different laws operating in the interests of private entities, behind the welfare of citizens. However, these mechanisms disappear in the dynamics of P2P (Peer to Peer & Win to Win). ENERGYS doesn’t have a “third party” that hinders the relationship between two parties who manage to relate freely and on equal terms. Each of the citizens is their “own bank”, able to operate globally with a single class of global digital social currency for all people. The user privileges are accurate and uniform, as well as public. There is no SYSTEM and an Elite printing money according to their own considerations and motivations to obtain hidden advantages and benefits. We invest in the pyramid for the citizens to exercise the power to manage their own lives. The legitimacy of the currency is given by those people who represent the Sovereign Nation of the Global Village that is our planet Earth. The ENERGYS device is just the technical support and the common point of access for the world’s population that is manifested from their “human wealth”.

CREDIT CARDS ARE OUTDATED BECAUSE THEY WERE NEVER INTENDED TO BE USED IN THE ERA OF INTERNET. They are based on an identity check and a transfer of personal data that is not enabled for transmission across the network, hence the drawback of digital identity theft that causes so much harm to defenseless people. Today, when a man or a woman takes out the plastic card to pay, they access the same data that the thief needs to then act. But ENERGYS is encrypted information, no data is available on the network that can be stolen. When they steal the plastic credit card, you should go to your bank to protect your money and that creates a mess with the financial institution and between the supplier and the business. This mechanism is very vulnerable and uncomfortable. This has been overcome in the electronic transaction with the energys device.



The voluntary agreement between the world’s populations to use the global digital social currency. The “coins” are units of mathematically secure, encrypted tokens which act like an account and means of payment for products, goods and services. Besides functioning as electronic payment, its added value is the increase of general welfare through the exchange of gifts and talents, in other words, you earn by cooperating with the community. It is a value reserve backed by reputation and good manners in interpersonal relationships. It recuperates the fundamental humanitarian principles that spread in society and are improves with each transaction, building a new version of civilization.



It is based on the agreement between two people. This is a formal relationship that arises spontaneously and toes the margin of financial institutions and the Constitution of any country. It isn’t necessary to give up the traditional economic mechanism. It is a supplement that adds prominence to people. It is the representation of the citizens of the global village, the unit without borders or intermediaries that gives legitimacy to the nation constituted by the citizens of the planet.


GLOBAL HUMANIZED CAPITALISM contains the seed of free, independent, autonomous, emancipated society. “Money” offers a vital social function which is based on the understanding for the construction of a pleasant and lasting coexistence, but traditional money does not involve human health and peace on the planet. It’s about ANARCHISM with SOUL, because there is a kind of unknown “anarchism” which is different from misrule and disorganization. States and governments and even religion, fear any kind of decentralized social structure and for that reason, they shout its illegality and sacrilege but this kind of civilization in any way is, on the contrary, synonymous with chaos. The confusion is created by the current System of dehumanization.

The positive, useful, and non-violent premises, are implicit in the creation of ENERGYS which is based on mutual trust + reciprocal aid + general welfare + shared joy. It is the honesty and service vocation which conveys the warm fellowship that is reinforced in the exchange of gifts and personal skills. The assessment of the technical level and ability to solve the obstacles and challenges, along with the friendly and pleasant relationship of effective communication, give this symbiosis the perfect formula to for the synergic flow between the parties, combining efforts in favor of own good and common good, in a generous and caring manner in a climate of harmony and complacency.

In the coming years, the relational difference between the “poor money” that we have now, and a RICH MONEY with GIFTS and TALENTS will become clear. The triumph of the population depends directly on the people. If men and women on the planet use ENERGYS, or in other words, give each and every one of them in circulation global digital social currency, promoting each to one another and the community in favor of improved society, success is assured. The benefit is set by the opportunity to see human potential and dignity for an emancipated world population, reflected on Earth.


It is an improved version of this alternative. With Bitcoin cryptocurrency, like the dollar or the euro or the yen in cash form, there is a marketplace for buying and selling in the financial system. In addition, BITCOINS are also often used for payment of illegal products and “dirty” business, and is an anonymous currency that is difficult to track.

Bitcoin began as a minority experiment that spread, but started from a concept based on the world of programmers, in other words, that is not accessible to the general public. However, ENERGYS from the beginning has been conceived as the sovereignty of the people that takes the initiative for an enhanced partnership. It wouldn’t make sense that a government pretend to impose taxes on individual and collective energy, it would be like sucking out blood: we would die. The world is evolving and the energy of the people is like the genie who came out of the bottle … and won’t go back inside!

ENERGYS doesn’t want to have access to data to prevent individual governments from issuing compulsory laws that add or withhold tax on accounts. We MANAGE but without ACCESS TO ACCOUNTS. We set the framework but the canvas is painted by each user from the start in the perception of their colors and their own forms. For the account holders, they work with a stable currency that is protected online. In the case of some country which imposes restrictions on the use of ENERGYS, forcing the payment of a fee, how are they going to enforce payment? The device is independent of the SYSTEM and is completely autonomous at the technical level, precisely to avoid any penalty or mediation by a third party. ENERGYS is based on the decision of two interlocking parts and in total freedom, without the control of anyone else.

Bitcoin is the Internet gold standard. Energys is the human pattern.



The improvement is substantial. This is a unified and amplified version of all options scattered throughout the world operating in neighborhoods of cities and in specific localities.

The bank account is kept your pocket, easily managed from the mobile phone, and the deposit is guaranteed by the Internet. It is impossible to be counterfeited and it is for planetary use with a simple and easy teaching methodology… easy and comprehensive! No state can confiscate the user’s balance. You can not spend the same money twice. It does not devaluate. Nobody can steal or confiscate it. There is no fraud or ENERGYS black market. It doesn’t permit any sort of delinquency (it can’t be used to pay for drugs or weapons nor human organs or babies); although two people may want to sign a secret pact, the public information of the Free Universal Register will reveal it. It makes no sense to save or hide a lot of currency. ENERGYS serves to circulate human talent and to manifest the potential of people, at the same time benefiting the entire human race throughout friendly exchanges. Its virtual existence justifies the absurdity of a physical presence, just to hide large amounts of currency in a safe.

Account maintenance is managed directly by the user. The BG&T administration (World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS) does not operate without the permission of the owner, it only guarantees transfers from one account to another and it exists solely to exercise functions of technical maintenance and updating of the most advanced software. Property rights are guaranteed, much better than the Euro and Dollar and Yen currencies. The “power” is in the hands of ENERGYS users and together they confer power to GLOBAL NATION, a much higher power than the central banks and governments of the individual nations. There is no tyranny in capital controls … it is based on a social & human capital that operates outside the hierarchical structures of monopoly and abuse of authority. Finally, the citizenship of the planet is safe from exploitation and slavery.

TECHNICAL AND SAFETY ASPECTS. Mathematically proven, it appears to be the least vulnerable mechanism that exists on Earth. Of course, the ENERGYS device is much more INVULNERABLE than any system that is currently in use in traditional banking mechanisms. And as security for users: its technology is completely autonomous. It is not a financial system “with a central point of failure”, it is a decentralized system, invulnerable to surveillance and the control of “private” data. There is no “third party” interrupting the agreements and transactions that are completed.

Open source protocol. Anyone can see the program that is used and the rate of generation of the currency. We are talking about the global public network that provides total clarity and behaves with absolute transparency. All information is available to all citizens of the planet without any kind of distinction or restriction, the same rights for the entire world population. The current monetary system is dark and full of secret passages and private sectors to which the people have no access and in many cases are not even aware of their existence. The current economic mechanism is in a position that will be improved by incorporating the global digital social currency ENERGYS.

The “miracle” substance of the global digital social currency ENERGYS is its versatility of human character. Everything can be gotten and the place where it takes its users and the community is certainly surprising and amazing and fantastic.

A new “form” of currency, yes … perfect! But to do what with the currency?

The importance of “the means of payment” rather than its operational characteristics, is its potential. What is intended? What activities are provided? What are the benefits?

The solution is not to create an alternative model to the current currency, you cannot change or replace the system that rules the world, but you can improve and place social capital above fiduciary currency, human potential ahead of financial institutions, putting people at the level they correspond to and not under the state, as a victim of the market.

You can improve and place social capital above money, without changing or replacing the system. It is easy to put human potential ahead of financial institutions when there is will, honesty and courage, and a smile that defies adversity.

People get a lot of positive energy from sharing interests and spending quality time with others, and if they also participate in every transaction that determines the world in which they live, What will the result be?

Healthy interpersonal relationships, from mutual trust and mutual support, empathy and equality, sowing solidarity and responsible commitment to the environment, Does it so contribute to a healthy and peaceful and responsible society?

It is intelligent and successful and even advisable, to focus agreements between two parties who gather based on the premise of the fundamental human principles who today are distant from commercial activities, yes?

The premise of our civilization should be: to ensure the legitimate livelihood of citizens in harmony with the planet. However, the basic needs of the community are not resolved. In addition to drinking water and essential food for life, the factors of realization and happiness are not included in the economic mechanism governing the cities of progress.

It is society that must organize the economy, but it is the market which organizes the way we live in society, at the edgei of democracy. The various parts of the political reality are exactly those that facilitate finance and the laws that fatten the market. With the current practice prevailing in the System, the money will survive, but NOT the women and men of Earth. Certainly the market stifles citizens.

The economy signifies wealth and heritage, it isn’t just capital and finances, it is the wealth of the being human and the wealth of human knowledge, beyond the accumulation of money.