If each person starts to spread and share the vision of ENERGYS its implementation will be immediate and successful. This initiative will be celebrated as a world heritage and serves to balance the sense of money known to date. An expression that will be famous is humanized capitalism born from the daily practice of the Economy of Cooperation.

Democracies are under great financial powers and governments abide by the guidelines of international organizations, therefore, the reality is that today: the people are not sovereign. However, citizens who are empowered, achieve freedom. The world population is EMANCIPATED thanks to the social capital device, a must for any business transaction that ensures that the fundamental Humanistic Principles are present and are stable and harmonious with the evolution of the daily acts.

ENERGYS & GLOBAL NATION & World Bank of GIFTS and TALENTS propose an extremely interesting exercise that highlights the power of the people. Is it about dismissing those who caused the financial crisis? NO! There’s no need to waste time on reprisals and revenge. It’s enough to just give those in charge of public administrations a sample of legitimate force. Is it about stopping voting in elections pending political replacement?… Each person decides during the day of voting whether to stand in front of the polls and put an envelope through the slot.

But there is now an opportunity to vote directly and openly manifest your opinion during each encounter and trade agreement, why would you subscribe to a passive action if daily, every man and woman can exercise their Human Rights and Genuine Freedoms in an active and autonomous way? The global digital social currency guarantees the independence of people and carries implicit SOLIDARITY, that is reflected in two beautiful results that no Constitution is capable of taking away from the reality of its people: general welfare + shared joy.

We can inspire each other and infect enthusiasm and, most importantly, benefit from the data and information freely exposed on the Internet. The mobile phone warns and recommends, recommends and suggests, certifies and registers, and data is completely public. The purpose of World Bank Gifts and Talents is to have updated information, but it does not control or manipulate or inspect the information. The data is displayed in a transparent and neutral form in the Free Universal Public Registry (FUPR).

universal-free-public-registryEach person initiates a reflection and an honest dialogue with himself for the emergence of the courage to bet on a new dynamic to resolve the current situation.

When the essential elements of the world that are organized to feed back are connected, each citizen reaches a level of such power similar to that of a president of a government who binds his people instead of giving back.

The creation of the flow of information processed on the Internet, to be a structure that is linked to the whole human race, is an option that no government ever presents, since it limits their level of power to benefit the population: it is NOT a valid premise in the circles of Negative Leaders.

Men and women from all corners of the world are part of this gigantic network. The material that binds us and allows us to act in a peer to peer (P2P) relationship from the Internet, facilitates the management of personal data when we know that it is going to a public directory as a record that can reveal our life story (UFPR). Intelligence Agencies have this data and much more, gathered from various sources related to each of us. But using the information through unorthodox and sometimes expeditious methods to take things out of context and slander damages the reputation of individuals.

The ability to control information and create intentional information gaps and containers where “everything” is stored to be used against whomever tries to exit the System and endanger the survival of the Negative Leaders; either a baker or daughter of a receptionist or a corporate executive or a lawyer in an international law firm or the president of a government.

But globalization is not equivalent to Homogeneity. There are some privileges for some who … should disappear? Should neutral spaces such as embassies in the physical world exist on the Internet? Isn’t it better to release the data, rather than allowing only a few elites access for their own interests and exclusive benefit.

“Privileged information” exists for domination, to take advantage of the population and some “annoying” leaders and some “difficult” people and “uncomfortable” associations and “anarchist” groups and hacker associations.

Many people are convinced that the Internet is a perfect tool for better monitoring and control of the world’s population and at the same time is that the Internet is the greatest threat to the system. In our time wonderful circumstances arise to improve our civilization and, in turn, to compress it and to shrink it and make it disappear. The current way to digitally communicate and move large amounts of data: it has never happened before, it’s a fact!

Faced with a probable nuclear war, what would the resulting picture look like? The Northern hemisphere would be devastated in the fight between the great powers, but the southern hemisphere would remain intact. The so-called “third world countries” would survive and would become “the only countries in the world.” Would they learn to survive without the tutelage of the great powers of old?

The Internet does not distinguish between citizens of the North or South, men and women on earth are citizens of GLOBAL NATION. What is the greatest world power? What is more potent than the version of the New World Order? …

The power groups and elites have influenced the world’s population, exerting indecent abuse, but what happens if citizens can negotiate between them? What happens if they set suddenly state independence and autonomy to create social money just as financial institutions have been creating money of nothing till the date? And they continue to do so, but what if suddenly the planetary citizenry legitimized GLOBAL DIGITAL CURRENCY SOCIAL as a mandatory supplement to traditional money? … States and International Organizations and Financial Institutions and Large Corporations wouldn’t be able to do anything to stop it … so it goes!

Governments around the world must conform and applaud the ENERGYS project, whose motto is: sovereign society, improved society. The new paradigm of the 21st century is State versus Village It is no longer a particular country against another country… it is any form of authority versus free will … abuse of power against the empowerment … it is not the US against Russia like in the twentieth century or the US against China today … It is about the Negative Leaders that holds 1% of the world population compared to the rest of the 99% that legitimizes GLOBAL NATION and the ECONOMY of COOPERATION through ENERGYS.ONLINE

Practical application of HUMANIZED GLOBAL CAPITALISM

The application that operates from one phone to another phone and is connected to the global network Internet with various portals, receives data in real time so that users can check their balance and movements as well as the history of any member of the Global Nation through the Universal Free Public Registry (UFPR), due to the study and realization of an elaborate matrix that manages the flow of human energy in everyday activity. It works with the purpose of ensuring the fundamental humanitarian principles and measures how they affect the community and the performance version of a superior civilization.

The public registry reflects information on equal opportunity for the entire global citizenship. Attitudinal and effective conduct and the results and satisfaction between the parties that relate are classified. “Insider” information available to the secret intelligence agencies and websites that provide free services in exchange for personal information that talk about tastes and trends, will no longer be unique to a power elite that uses the information at will, and not always with positive intentions.




Social capital is the optimal way to support our civilization, much better than with raw materials, especially if you can do it from the same essence of people (Energy). As of May 17, 2017 the world population will use the ENERGYS device to evaluate and rate the agreement, making their digital payments through a secure and reliable electronic system based on the credit available (Amount of Reputation On Line). The quality of interpersonal relationships define the commercial flow of people and their ability to formalize effective and reliable exchanges in the Era of Humanized Capitalism of GLOBAL NATION. It is the best way to evaluate the result of transactions in relation to the world and the community of human beings.


People have talent (Gifts and special skills). The nature of being human is the need for collaboration and social unity (tribal or communal). The environment is technologically trustworthy and sufficient for Earth’s resources to move to a second term and put women and men on the planet in the first place, as it should have been from the beginning of time.

Creativity and passion and social cohesion, skills assessment and frank and continuous communication continues to cement the model of civilization that guarantees peace and food, avoiding the possibility of causing illiteracy and poverty from certain positions perfect for abuse of power (The dome of the pyramid). Unemployment is overflowing in all countries, increasing the amount of lucid and productive retirees who are still valuable to the community people. Today the System shelves and marginalizes and excludes more than ever, it is time that civil society expresses all that it has guarded for centuries in its womb, unable to expand, asphyxiated by the States and Religion.




Our times demand increased human relationships, intelligent exchange, and mutual enrichment. Mutual credit is created from participation. You can work and do business and have fun at the same time. Cooperating with others is a conscious choice that is part of the will that empowers us all and is based on the construction of a safe space where energy flows freely, giving an opportunity to the talent and genius, through direct and transparent communication that occurs between real unknowns situated in different places on the planet, under the guarantee of ENERGYS & GLOBAL NATION, providing the necessary reliability to initiate the relationship.

Evidence of improvement of a society is one that reflects innovation based on equal opportunities, cooperation for the common good, in participation that expresses the greatest contribution of talent in action and in harmony with the best degree of permanent effectiveness.


No need to “wash” the good name. What is needed is the reflection of good actions online where they can be seen by everyone. Personal reputation in cyberspace is not manufactured, it is the result of good habits and good manners that can be exposed by people with whom we interact daily in each commercial transaction or business or leisure.

If you are a user-beneficiary-ally of World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS & UFPR, you should not fret what is said about you on other websites. Pay no attention to who says what about you, do not waste time to dive on the Internet to identify the people you mention trying to figure out the strategy and the reasons why say what they say … relax! Take some time to sow, with your attitudes and conduct, a pleasant feeling of pleasure and fulfillment in people with whom you have exchanged and concluded an agreement and in the quality of the event and the feeling that inspires and provokes after a technological embrace between the two mobile phones, comes to light in Universal Free Public Registry.

Your action-seeds remain planted forever. The people who can influence your career and personal life are people who value you from an objective and solid basis from a situation resulting in social and economic event of importance that is registered in GLOBAL NATION. Comments that are based on subjectivity which often have to do with envy or work rivalry or professional competence, have no place in BGandT & UFPR.

Baseless talk without evidence, is a matter of people enmeshed in the Third Dimension. Those who have flown above the maze of ignorance focus on issues totaling instead of acting to try to “subtract” a citizen, snatching their particular merits and accomplishments. This class of men and women subtract themselves; that is the only thing they do. People who highlight the qualities of others from direct experience and knowledge, are appreciated. This is the purpose of the ENERGYS device: accumulating evidence and reflecting the potential of people to circulate freely in society.

Each person writes his future from the events of the present. Doing something “ugly” or “negative” or “harmful” believing that you can later repair or delete the incident in cyberspace, shows a limited and poor behavior that is typical of people stuck in the vicious circle spiral of failure.

There is an opportunity to move to a higher dimension. It has to do with the conscious will and free will. It’s about empowerment of the soul.

It is known that criticism of Internet users about products or services are increasingly influencing purchasing decisions of consumers, but also to focus on sales and marketing, we can open ourselves to reach a broader picture vision. It happens often that the tree does not allow us to see the whole forest. We can all guess that the forest is there, however, only a few of us can intuit it. Only a few people move the vibration of their souls into their lives so that the energy takes flight and reaches the horizon of complacency and Wholeness. ENERGYS.ONLINE has to do with the fullness of the human being.

There are too many misunderstandings due to lack of “good communication”. There are comments in cyberspace, of high voltage, which may be errors or interested actions to influence a malicious purpose, in other words, behind a hidden strategy that aims to gain market share or blacken the name of a brand or industrial corporation. Who moves all these threads? The People! Ultimately, it is always the people who make the products and services and the brands and companies and countries and society and the world. People, nothing else … people interacting with one another.

ENERGYS.ONLINE uses a “red dot” to indicate “bad practices”. Those who have become habitual of writing that discredits without foundation and with specific intentions, happens to be filed in the record that reflects the excellence and human quality of people.

Earlier, a hospital or a school or a restaurant lost customers because of the “bad press”. Today, if the Internet user finds negative views, you can consult with a simple click to whoever made the judgment to verify whether it is the result of a direct experience, documented and isolated, or whether it is an employment activity applied in different sectors, and an agenda scheduled to weaken and hurt and harm others. Potential customers will look at the digital reputation before trusting someone they do not know and they can check whether a consumer is more a “bad experience” than a professional, used to create false stories and negative opinions with the intention of ruining the life of a citizen. Soon, public awareness will be reached with a fast, easy and free click…

Should what is illegal in real life also be in cyberspace? … This question answers itself without difficulty, with pure logic. Internet applies what is called the equivalence principle, or in other words, what is a crime off the network is also a crime on it. Libel and slander are punishable by law, you can even get a court ruling that the texts be removed, but even though it may be, this involves a long process with the cost of time and money to never get cleaned all that is relative the subject. GLOBAL NATION & BGandT & UFPR work with social innovation to reduce the inconvenience before it happens. If you’re going to be discovered immediately, will you continue to follow this bad social practice that only benefits the boss and the company and shareholders? Would you complete some dishonorable act that will accompany you on a log On Line where an inventory of your actions are reflected? It is better to translate the virtues of the soul and exalt the attributes of the people with whom you relate!

The most dangerous feature of the Internet is the anonymity, but if users-beneficiaries-allies of the ENERGYS Project & GLOBAL NATION are (legal) individuals with fathers and mothers and hearts and brains and have an encrypted BGandT & UFPR code, it is impossible to not know who we are working and in their time, this situation is the fortune of GLOBAL HUMANIZED CAPITALISM which translates as an inheritance for the children and grandchildren of the improved society.

Acts are what define us … not words.

On the Internet, “has reason” is no guarantee of anything. The ENERGYS project is not intended to be right, the reason for its significance is that it gives people in their exchanges during relations in favor of the joint construction of a renewed society. This is the capital of GLOBAL NATION that manages BGandT through UFPR thanks to the use of the technological device.

The use of ENERGYS global digital social currency in daily activity is a function of support for  Global Humanized Capitalism connecting with the general purpose of the world’s population: a version of the most healthy and peaceful society possible, where confrontation and conflict are excluded in favor of fair and equitable agreement that is born of empathy and fraternity.


Money is the center of the economy, if people do not understand where it comes from and where it goes, they cannot understand the true purpose of the system that governs the fate of the human race.

In 2020 it is expected that there will only be digital money, is it good news?

You buy and sell, receive and pay from your mobile phone or computer, is it an advantage?

In the Era of Global Humanized Capitalism, people are considered by their attitudes and principles and the events in which they participate. The events that result from their behavior makes them feel good, especially because they can control and multiply their energy assets (ENERGYS currency) based on the personal commitment of EVERY DAY BEING BETTER PEOPLE… Agents for prosperity! Improved vital parts of society! Members get a sovereign citizenship that empowers!

ENERGYS makes you rethink the LIFESTYLE and how to observe people with whom you relate daily and thus turns out that the shoemaker is no longer just the man who repairs shoes. He has a name and wisdom and, if both, agree to use the device, it activates the united consciousness that facilitates the creation of another joint possible world that is urgent and necessary in our time. Unfortunately admittedly without blushing: the system has, for decades, been in alarming decline and has been dragging the people into the abyss.

If there is something that ENERGYS shows, is that there is no need to be face to face and to have eye contact to do something great together, Global Humanized Capitalism is the perfect complement to a social and economic system that requires review and correction, and we are doing this tuning to achieve a healthy and peaceful world where equality of opportunity and peace and abundance are a constant reality for everyone.

ENERGYS LIFESTYLE Use of the device makes you RE-evaluate yourself at an individual level and in relation to the influence itself affects the collective. It forces you to examine yourself to achieve all the capabilities of yourself and also of the other party that the agreement-transaction consolidates. It helps you to recognize all the possibilities for activities that are enjoyable and which, besides being enjoyable are achieved by outputting future work activities from creative entrepreneurship and empowerment of social innovation.

The ENERGYS device and all that its comprehensive performance entails is not a totalitarian system, not a centralized technical mechanism. The Humanized Global Capitalism concept results in the practice of the economy of cooperation through a technological tool that is managed from the mobile phone and the personal account on the website ENERGYS.ONLINE that is a versatile and flexible and transparent system that is PART OF THE BASE OF CIVIL SOCIETY, in other words, it is linear and nonhierarchical.

We are talking about safe highway that indicates direction in a circular, interlaced fashion. Each person decides if he wants to move on horseback or by bicycle or bus … all in the same direction to avoid collisions. THE WHOLE WORLD CREATES AND RECEIVES AND CONSULTS AND WATCHES OVER THE HUMAN CAPITAL IN THE GLOBAL NATION THAT IS THE PLANET EARTH.


With the global digital social currency ENERGYS, people know where the “capital” comes from and where it goes and why, and most importantly: the degree of benefit to society. Citizens create ENERGYS which creates SOCIETY. Creating ways to relate, they are creating a version of the world different from the current one. It is the relationships in society and the quality of those relationships among humans that is reflecting the human capital. The social and human capital of the world population is represented by ENERGYS. It is the greatest achievement of the human race since the discovery of fire or the wheel or the chip or fiber optics.

Planet Earth belongs equally to all women and men who inhabit, therefore, the money should also be of all men and women without exception, and, in fact, that’s how it happens with ENERGYS. It integrates the soul of the people that it is externalized through the device in the mobile phone as an extension of a particular human value in the world. It is not a small and anonymous group who imposes the amount of “money” flowing with subsequent payment of commissions. The amount of circulating ENERGYS reflects the public will get involved in the renewal of our civilization.

The number of agreements through ENERGYS show the desire to achieve an improved version of our society. The number of transactions from the consensus and convergence speak of the quality of its vital existence, and its existence will continue for this obvious reason: PEOPLE HAVE NOW CONTROL OF THE “MONEY” FLOW. THIS IS “DEMOCRATIC” MONEY. A DEVICE THAT ADDS TO THE GENERAL WELFARE without canceling out classic money that will continue subsisting.

Global digital social currency ENERGYS strengthens the potential of the qualities of each person that, put together, feeding back, are enhanced and expanded, contributing to the achievement of both in favor of a world that is regenerated and perfected at once.



What is the real contribution of ENERGYS to the world?…

The most obvious is that it tips the balance toward the side of the people, spreading their humanity and effective transmission of human values ​​that are far from the usual practices of greed, speculation and violence. With ENERGYS, civil society is re-organized. With ENERGYS, the global community behaves in a profitable long-term way, because if there is something that is sustainable and essential, that is THE INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS that are not exhausted, are enjoyed when they make you feel good. Interpersonal relationships do not have a cost of extraction and raw materials, nor commissions and interest and therefore no debts. Certified debt by financial institutions and protected by governments and judges and police, in other words, the machinery of the system. Between people, there exists a pleasure of meeting and celebration of the agreement between people. Among people there are frank and generous gifts. Exchanges can be very happy and pleasurable and of solid character, marked by responsibility and fraternity and joy. The intermediaries who imposed rules and authority and seriousness disappear. Solid and cold structures where there is no room for spontaneity, disappear. The bureaucratic processes that exist to discourage and dizzy are pushed aside, while they tire and bore the citizens who complain and claim their rights that are diluted in the machinery of the system. We enter the win-win and dynamics of enriched treatment of person to person.

The world population as a whole has the opportunity to move forward in a climate of universal brotherhood. They simply need to remove the barriers that traditionally have been imposed cruelly from the concept of official money.




By not being a financial institution that provides money but a INTEGRAL PROCESS OF SOCIAL CAPITAL, that generates the global social digital currency from voluntary activities of reciprocal exchange, profit is not necessary. Interest charges are not mandatory.

The debt is strangling society.

World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS does not monitor or control, it is the same global population who manufactures the UNIVERSAL FREE PUBLIC REGISTRY as a vast Wiki on the Internet. On this site all the information that currently is only available to certain institutions and certain politicians and intelligence agencies will be reflected. This is to prevent inside information and to enhance transparency and equal conditions and opportunities for all citizens of the world.