The sovereignty of a society begins when it does NOT need to be recognized by a government or international organization

It is just that women and men living on planet Earth feel this gigantic global village as their own

The legitimacy of a planet is held by all people who inhabit it

The living organism which is the universe that works with all its beauty and balance, is the same organism that is expressed on this planet of ours at a smaller scale and, also, the same organism that inhabits and makes work all the physical bodies that make up the people in this vast neighborhood of more than seven billion neighbors. Its potential and autonomy comes given to people to achieve harmony on Earth through the free will of each individual being and the empowerment that forms the consciousness of unity and universal brotherhood on our planet.

It all depends on the intimate understanding of every citizen, but if each region is “a small country” in the sense that it reunites land and people and a social dynamic, then every State and every Continent are small places made up of people and territories and a concept of civilization from which results THE GLOBAL NATION. Countries and continents are part of this global village that is not a kingdom nor a homeland. The Global Nation is the popular feeling that cries out from the soul. There is no need to get bogged down in political issues or media statements or philosophical arguments, it is enough to listen to one’s own voice that vibrates as declaratory testimony of the Cosmos. The great human family gathered around the home. No international or State institution is superior, nor constitutes the magnitude of the world’s population. It is the world society which proclaims itself sovereign owner of the full territory and manages itself. It is the citizenry who administrates from the base of the fundamental humanist principles the fate of this gigantic house, home of all human beings alike. It would be absurd to have a legal constitution on something that by logic and common sense is understood with a spiritual blink.

We refer to a MACRO-Nation that gathers all and everyone in the whole world. A form of entity organization that allows another way of being on Earth. The sign of existence composed of four basic pillars: mutual trust + mutual support + general welfare. + shared joy.

GLOBAL NATION is the result of thousands of groups and communities and families who feel the conscious will that speaks of freedom for empowerment. Thus is created the Sovereign Citizenship, so Human Capital is made possible, thus is birthed the Improved Society. The active participants of the planet exchange gifts and talents, attending meetings and agreements and transactions from a perspective of cooperation that departs from the traditional practices of speculation and usury of business.

There is no need to be distracted by administrative and logistical aspects of the classical instruments of a flag and an anthem and passports conferring honorary titles. Every man and woman is spokes(wo)man of GLOBAL NATION, a leader of the Complete Population, a representative of the Planetary State, an ambassador for the World Society in the different cities and countries and continents where he spent his life trajectory, with the purpose of spreading The 3 “P”s:

  • Prosperous Citizenship (flowering, perfected, triumphant)
  • Profitable Citizenship (beneficial, productive, effective)
  • Plenary Citizenship (happy, satisfied, adecuate)


GLOBAL NATION rebirths as a Phoenix from the ashes of a decaying System that has implicit in its gut the extinction of a way of life.

The most attractive of GLOBAL NATION is that no army can invade or destroy it because it lives in the soul of people.

GLOBAL NATION is not only an entity that exists virtually, since all of its physical territory is what constitutes the planet Earth… it is not just a cyber-nation or a country of the Internet, since the ideas that are developing in the social network transcend in the everyday real world.


PUBLIC STATEMENT: We are not going to go into a dead end that serves to trample the lit flame; for this reason we position ourselves only once in regard to International Law:

Global Nation is a LIVING BEING with its own identity, a body composed of an infinitude of cells that relate and interact. These cells are the people who constitute the planet the same way that the oceans and valleys and mountains do. Global Nation has a “determined territory” for the entire globe.

Global Nation has “permanent population” made up of all the women and men who make up the human race. Global Nation has a “government” that regulates itself from the particular exercise of activated souls that give to the acts of the population the ability of responsibility in the management of the planet.

>>The first paragraph of Article 3 of the Montevideo Convention explicitly states that: “The political existence of the state is independent of recognition by other states.”

The planetary citizenry peacefully claims as “own territory” the whole earth and the seas of Earth. The planetary citizenry finds its commitment to implement an organizational machinery that serves to create a healthy and supportive and peaceful and joyful world that distances itself from the practices of sub-divisions organized by countries where violent authority is exercised on the population of the territory, a fact that we deplore.

Our “legal status” we acquire in this solemn act without an audience with the Pope or a meeting with the group of Monarchs and World Leaders.

The constitution of GLOBAL NATION is a symbolic act declaring the emancipation of planetary citizens against the State structure, and it does so from the democratic health that improves interpersonal relationships, incorporating into the traditional economic mechanism the planetary digital social currency ENERGYS.

It is thanks to the ENERGYS device that suddenly the planetary citizenry becomes separated from the web that traps its victims. Money is a trap, a weapon, the most useful instrument in the world. With the money of the citizenry itself, the world’s population earns independence and autonomy in a world without borders that links and combines.


  • The planetary citizenry accepts all laws that do not affect their dignity and personal integrity or harm other members of Global Nation
  • The planetary citizenry reserves the right to pay taxes if it finds that the acts of responsible government leaders betray the legitimate rights enshrined in the Constitutions governing the country
  • The planetary citizenry claims the opportunity to freely use the digital social planetary currency ENERGYS as a complement to the TRADITIONAL MONEY


  • The governments of each country, regardless of what the rest of the leaders of other countries of the five continents do, accept the sovereignty of the planetary citizenry reflected in Global Nation
  • The governments of each country, remain outside of the statements and actions of international organizations and industrial corporations and financial institutions, that are related to Global Nation
  • The governments of each country legitimize the free will of its citizens to express themselves in the way they feel most appropriate for them, provided that the conduct does not generate violence in the streets or the demolition of established traditional structures which are compatible with Global Nation


Global Nation is the umbrella organization for all women and men of the world under one virtual roof that confers the identifying feature of the planetary citizenry.

Global Nation is a Country-State-Origin that does not resemble any known to date; however, it assumes all as brothers under an umbrella of protection for the harmonious coexistence of the human race.

Global Nation brings stability to the world at the option of the end of all war, as well as the elimination of hunger and poverty and violation of Human Rights.

The creation of GLOBAL NATION that the planetary citizenry founds, is the result of the aspirations of A Better World where joy and stability entail a fruitful and harmonious future for all the inhabitants of planet Earth

In the Republican Government (manipulation) a small part of the population retains the sovereign power of the people through a “disguised” democracy that makes the laws; in times past it was in the hands of the aristocracy.

In the Monarchic Government (arbitrary) is the king who has the power and he exercises it under a structure of laws established “to taste” that minions abide with devotion; the Catholic Church and its Pope is a good example.

In the Totalitarian Government (tyranny) there is a person who holds power and exercises it without any fixed laws or coherence, imposing his personal whims on the population; backed by military force and weapons.

In the Globalized Government (empowerment of the soul) the assumption of laws passed by a senate or congress is not a priority, and instead it is the responsibility of each citizen that sets his/her own subscribed laws from common sense, affection and respect for other people and the planet, reflecting by conduct that is an example for the community.

Note that in the three common forms prevailing, there is one “authority” that is imposed from the top of a hierarchical pyramid, while the emerging “form of government” commences from looking inside rather than abide by rules; it comes from free will and continues with the responsibility of the person deploying their gifts and talents and all their virtue, and gives rise to a result that moves away from the abuse of power and malpractice. Deceptions and fear, abuse and impunity, domination and exploitation, are issues that have no space in GLOBAL NATION.

Except in Global Nation, no citizen of the world has any participation in the sovereign power of the people


Can people govern themselves? … Of course!




  1. Constant connection with Nature and the Cosmos
  2. Healthy and peaceful conduct in harmony with the World and life on Earth
  3. Continued dialogue from the soul with the soul of all living beings



How many times have we heard or said that the human race is a big family?

How many times have we heard or said that our planet is our home and that of everyone?

And how many times have we done something to support this unanimous sentiment of the citizens of planet Earth?


  • Unity consciousness
  • Universal sisterhood/brotherhood
  • Shared joy


  • Mutual trust
  • Mutual support
  • General well-being


  • World Bank of Gifts and Talents
  • Planetary digital social currency
  • Internet peer to peer (P2P) technology

Identity of GLOBAL NATION:

  • Free will
  • Conscious volition
  • Empowerment

Ideology of GLOBAL NATION:

  • Humanized capitalism
  • Soulful anarchy
  • Economy of Cooperation

Motivation (finality/nature) of GLOBAL NATION:

  • A healthy world
  • A peaceful world
  • A united world

Strengths and advantages of GLOBAL NATION:

  • Sovereign citizenry
  • Human capital
  • Improved society

The three “P”s of the GLOBAL NATION CITIZENRY:

  • Prosperous (flowering, perfected, triumphant)
  • Profitable (beneficial, productive, efficient)
  • Plenary (happy, satisfied, harmonious)

Let’s just do it! One by one, without asking permission. Every great journey starts with a single step… we are many! And we have free will, what are we waiting for? It will be from the inner feeling that reality will manifest

Can one be part of GLOBAL NATION without renouncing local identity?… Of course!

Is it possible to avoid facing patriotism that sets countries against each other and formalize a human family?… Yes of course!

Can you think of the Internet as an opportunity for a free society?… Yes!

The future lies in the technological field and a restructuring of the economic mechanism. The renewal of “capitalism” is an opportunity to achieve the Better World. There is an excellent alternative for the future of the economy looming and in it the human is present. The feeling of people can NOT remain marginalized in frivolous and artificial processes that deviate from the feeling and vibration of the human soul. The future of humanity is also the future of technology and vice versa. Technology and humanity and economy should be fused into a cordial hug, can they?… Of course!

The future of technology is closely related to the economy and the future of the economy is directly related to technology, and economy and technology are meaningless if mankind is not in between, right?

Can there be technological economy “with humanity”… yes!

The future of our society is linked to the Internet, to its appropriate use and utility that can be given to it by every man and woman on the planet from their particular freedom, managing a smart phone that empowers every citizen of autonomy and independence of the traditional “powers that be”. The sovereignty of virtual space of the Net, equates to neutrality and transparency for all Internet users alike. With the rise of decentralized systems, moreso than ever before.

There is CITIZENS SOVEREIGNTY when cyber-sovereignty exists, and cyber-sovereignty is expressed in

Is a humanized and responsible capitalism possible?… Of course!


The future of humanity is not a fierce and unbridled monopolized capitalism… it is the total humanity through Humanized Global Capitalism that allows healthy and peaceful trade relations in a united world that focuses on the general welfare and shared joy

Today we talk of China/India/Brazil, but before that existed the world divided by the United States and Russia (Capitalism vs. Communism), and finally capitalism became the victorious financial system. The current capitalism is a social system of economy that is not in the service of human liberty. There is a big difference in humanized and responsible capitalism that includes the system of fundamental humanitarian principles. The current practice of finance on the planet does not speak of solidarity, nor speak of ethics and justice, and yet does show a lot of indisputable evidence related to pettiness and greed: the rich are getting richer, while the poor are getting poorer.

Neoliberalism subordinated The Person and conditioned it to the voracious depravity of the Market, taxing the countries rich in natural resources with lesser “diplomatic and military sleight” to endure indecent burdens that make them slaves, just like its entire population that is transformed into deliberately-exploited humans.

The solution of the causes of serious international problems, in addition to the issue of economic output and legal organization, urgently requires precise implantation of fundamental humanitarian principles, as well as a radical change in behavior by men and women who use money in their daily activities.

It is essential to change the mentality, without having to modify existing structures. Can something like that be achieved?… Yes of course!

The 99% against the 1%. People have the power, but do not use it. If people are united and organized, they are invincible. So there are many forms of division and separation, to create conflicts and confrontations between people. It is the maxim of divide and rule. But I say every battle is won before it is fought and, this looming one is won in advance. It is impossible to lose. Why?

If your enemy is superior… avoid him! It is enough that the planetary citizenry understand that if they legitimize the device, they build tomorrow without having to seek permission from the governments… this has been the eternal dream of the anarchists! The people’s revolution that requires no blood, only consciousness of unity and universal brotherhood, has come.

“Humanizing” capitalism is a sign of maturity of the human race.

Instead of re-volution: Evolution. Instead of automation: Humanization. Instead of “anti-system” it is appropriate to mention: mutation of the system… to change capitalism at the root to give it humanity?… indeed! This parameter identifies our functional ideology for the general welfare. There is no dogma or doctrine, only the premise of transforming the attitudes and habits of the world’s population favoring THE IMPROVED SOCIETY. And most singular: the reform is carried out from the base, the protagonists are the people, citizens go outside the framework of institutional structures to leave the imprint of their value as human beings.

Wasting time changing the positioning?… Beware! For human excellence to be transferred to the System there is only one method. To make the System really just you need freedom, not repression. You need confidence and no threat of punishment. You need support and NOT the inculcation of false fears in people. There was a war between “right” and “left” represented by two diametrically opposed conceptions of the world, the “capitalist” of “right” vs. the “anticapitalist” of the “left.” But the truth is that this is summarized as a struggle between two tendencies for political control of the State within an economic mechanism governed by traditional paper currency. People do not matter! The people have not been considered in the negotiations. The agreements are always between the two forces that turn their back on the citizens they claim to represent and protect. However, this that has been called “civil flock” by the soldiers of the System, are the human capital of the economy of cooperation that constitute the essential wealth of society.

The fate of the human race is no longer solely in the hands of public officials in power, and will not be the result of the secret plans of international organizations and intelligence agencies. Underground guerrilla brigades fighting to restore a decent life are not necessary; everything will be done in full sunlight and with absolute transparency and neutrality. The ENERGYS device is the most powerful weapon in the world that does not damage or fire or cause death. It is a source of life, joy, consensus and joint creation of the world that we long for in our generous and loving soul.

ENERGYS Project favors the consolidation of a solidary economic society, without lifting a fist or throwing a brick through the window of the million-dollar homes… no strikes or occupations of factories and parliaments or sabotage at airports or train tracks. No lock on highways or public squares. Zero covert armed struggle. In other words, as the gifts and talents of the planetary citizenry become deployed, the large industrial corporations and international organizations and financial institutions and cadres of government in each country, will have to reduce their share control of profits and they will see reduced the expansive growths in the conquest of markets. The idea of “cheap labor” is an expression that begin to disappear from conversations until it becomes obsolete. Can you imagine what we are talking about?… Something like asking the crocodile to stop attacking zebras approaching the river to drink.

GIVE YOURSELF AND THE WHOLE OF SOCIETY A VOTE OF CONFIDENCE. You have given it to a politician, how many times? And, how many times has he disappointed you? How many times have political parties defrauded voters?

STOP OPINING AND JUDGING AND ACT MAKING YOURSELF RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS. Assimilated the looming opportunity of the Age of Global Humanized Capitalism. Inquire about the ENERGYS device. Investigate the World Bank of Gifts and Talents. Question!

BE CRITICAL OF YOURSELF AND BET ON YOUR OWN HUMAN POTENTIAL. So that the parameters of your behavior serve to add to the whole of our species. Enrich with each relationship and transaction the quality of life on Earth and the quality of living in the world. Are you interested in participating in a serene and calm, cheerful and robust society?

The great thing about the whole thing is that the emancipation of the people, the sovereignty in action of the global citizenry, this opportunity to achieve a social improvement from the base, does not transgress the boundaries of democratic coexistence governed by the State.

Using ENERGYS positively affects the operation of the structure of the System, i.e. financial, political, legal, military, academic, and religious institutions.

Capitalism with a “humanized face” is a fuzzy silhouette advancing from afar, and as nine months of gestation elapse, will grow healthily if we provide among all: food and rest and silence. You’ll see the light! The situation is paradoxical and of a total mysticism, because we are implementing an inclusive and transforming and provocative economic mechanism at the same time, which reflects the social innovation that comes creatively from The Person.


ENERGYS.ONLINE involves arranging a great void, since the fiat money used in the society of our time is money that is not backed by anything. This is the logic of those who have ruled the world and governed the destiny of the human race until today from something that is created from nothing and obligates to pay a debt to whoever asks… Who does not need money to live? Why would the financial institutions be the only ones able to invent a means of payment? Only the government can declare as valid a means of exchange that directly affects the people?

Humanized Capitalism is a complement to “traditional money” and an alternative to the market economy based on competition and greed that promotes an excessive desire for profit and egoism that separates people.

The current economic mechanism allows speculation and usury and is based on a “legal tender” paper currency that is, however, not backed by anything, but governments and international organizations and the community of financial institutions have normalized it, like the interest and debt of which they are inventors and victims, which is why it is necessary and urgent that the sovereign society legitimizes the currency supported by the gifts and talents of men and women of GLOBAL NATION.

The ENERGYS device is an application that works on mobile phones aimed at ensuring dialogue and reasonable agreement that translate into a transaction that includes the value of interpersonal relationships and measures their effect on the community. It is the exchange of goods and services and the general welfare in a climate of joy. In enables autonomy and civic responsibility on a planetary level that includes Nature and all living beings on Earth.

Profiteering by businesses is lawful; its purpose is profit. Let them continue forward with this premise. Global Humanized Capitalism will not limit their activity or prevent any of their practices, nor sabotage the products or services of large industrial corporations. It is lawful for men and women to come to their consciousness of unity and universal brotherhood to deploy activities that promote in an easy and comprehensive way the welfare of the citizens of the planet. Let us remember that in the end, it is people who operate businesses and institutions, and what is advertised with ENERGYS is a personal and social mutation that leads to a healthy and peaceful and united world. Who can oppose a proposal in which 99% of the world population wins?

We will witness in the coming years a change of mentality and behavior that will affect the System without damaging it, influence the population without harming it, benefit society without governments losing their positions of public service managers. The best government is that which governs least, and whose actions are all aimed at the protection of basic services to the people.

It is time to shift cruel and merciless competition to serene and cheerful cooperation. But not only because it is common sense and much more advisable, but especially because it ensures a higher level of true social justice and sustainability compared to the Economic Market Mechanism that grows unchecked to explode in a spectacular collapse of uncertain proportions.

Cooperation is more efficient and productive than competition. Crocodiles wait in the banks and eat all the zebras that come to drink, no matter if they are hungry and have already eaten three, killing one after another, and what happens if no more zebras arrive? Crocodiles die and the species disappears!

The P2P philosophy, the “I win if you also win in the process”, is simple and direct and very favorable. After December 2012 the premise has gone from being a statement of intent to a reality that translates into “collaborative consumption”. Economic management by citizens no longer passes “only” by the public powers and financial institutions. For making vital decisions, emerges the ENERGYS device that allows women and men of any country to “do good business together”. We go beyond “ethical banking” and “time banks” and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

With a quick look at the events after 2008, we find that the reality of the concrete measures to “save our civilization’s decline and disappearance”, far from resolving anything, have gone in one direction which is absolutely contrary to “humanization”. International Organizations and the Big Banks of the World continue to support Industrial Corporations, as they snatch the opportunity of money from the population and small businesses, i.e. wealth is redistributed among elites with legal aid and the approval of political parties in governments.

Father State, we ask you: Is all economic activity in our country based on the general welfare?…

GLOBAL NATION proposes the creation of a different world, the society we call “cosmic” … the other society that throbs in the soul of human beings! A society that moves away from authoritarianism and constant seeking of control for dominance. The current system overrides the expression of cosmic gifts and talents, internal treasures that people keep as their dormant soul attributes.

Those who are inventing the daily rules of the game have been the representatives elected “democratically” to work… against the population? In a healthy and peaceful world, it is the citizens who make the rules of coexistence by using and practicing deploying actions aimed at mutual trust, mutual support and solidarity born of dialogue and empathy and consensus, i.e. the friendly unit that searches the advantages and benefits to both parties equally. In negotiations between, on the one hand, international organizations and governments and on the other hand, financial institutions and large industrial corporations, the most notable absentee is the Citizen. The village is not included in the table where things that transcend society are discussed. However, the Planetary Citizenry of GLOBAL NATION now has a device to be independent and productive at a social level that does not require state intervention or religion or market.

We have witnessed for decades the following: the Congresses of Deputies and the Parliaments and Senates make legislation and rectify the Constitutions at will, and citizens are obliged to abide by these man-made laws, without having participated in its drafting; and we are not going to open here the question of political representation of the people through elected public positions which from several viewpoints and perspectives we have written elsewhere to indicate that everything is following a farce or disguised dictatorship, enlivened as a show by the media circus.

Any person who might not like the world he/she inhabits can transform it through a “gun that shoots love”: ENERGYS. Global humanized capitalism also affects political issues, but advocates a type of representative democracy that includes the gifts and talents and excludes orders from party leaders in a call to the particular consciousness that refuses betraying the people to support the interests of the party.

The uniqueness of the ENERGYS device is that you need not pressure or persuade the government and political parties and companies and associations or social groups. The decision comes in the privacy of each person, using their human autonomy and their level of social responsibility. It is in every man and woman that the opportunity and commitment arises to contribute to a better world, without having to ask permission from anyone; it is enough to find someone with whom you have affinity and start to give currency to the global digital social currency building together another way of being and acting and another possible world.

The public powers, for first time in the history, are not invited to the party. Nor are the official positions, but the people who occupy them are. Institutions are not invited, the people who work in them are. We turn the pyramid around to make the base the one that determinates the standards by the force of the majority and not by the violent assault of a small group which imposes its own particular law with the dagger of the hierarchy and the privileged information that thanks to ENERGYS becomes public. If we are already spied upon and monitored, why not disclose all the data and thus ensure the equality of opportunities?

This social matrix adopts a peculiar standard: the sovereignty of the citizenship that legitimates itself with the independence that provides the use of the currency that goes beyond any restrictive form of country. There are no “obligations”. Everything starts from the flow with the life that deserves to be lived and in which it participates in an active manner, generating acts and environments and events in the New Era of Humanity that goes beyond ethics and morals and speaks of game and celebration.

No matter the amount, the value is the quality:


Human Capitalism is a new global social ecosystem that was born as an alternative and a solution to the economic mechanism that encourages corporate cannibalism, to recycle it… not to destroy it or ban it! This trend of social definitive innovation.

It is a scenario in which the spectators that had remained on the patio of armchairs, climb to the stage to be protagonists… thousands and thousands of small artists cooperating! NON compete, would it guarantee a greater freedom?

Cooperating in equality of opportunities guarantees freedom, the freedom that is born of free will and conscious will. Competition can result in competitiveness to be more Combative. There is healthy competition in our toolbox of capabilities from human virtue. Humanized Capitalism shows the ideal aptitude that slows spontaneously in favor of general welfare, rather than individualism and the selfishness of the competitiveness that calls for the market and that produces violence. Competition may be from talent and not through the use and abuse of force. True respect isn’t offered under the coercion of aggression.

Respect has nothing to do with fear. It is a lie that the entertainment culture spreads – that my enemies fear me – and thus I have achieved their respect by the force of fear and threats… nor is the saying, ‘it’s nothing personal, only business’ valid – since all activity is personal and comes from the person. True respect has to do with love and human leadership that causes a friendly and voluntary recognition. There is respect – human – that every human being must feel for himself and prosecute others freely and joyfully, expressing it with honesty and courage, without hypocrisy or falsehoods. Does economic success have to be redefined?

Economic Success can never be a government statistic such as the GDP (gross domestic product of the country). Governments measure social benefits in cash, ignoring the mood of the people and their level of existential fullness. Money should be the medium that enables activity economic, and, however, it has been too long since money is in itself the end of almost all activities… earning money, for earning money, without providing a social value… is a collective suicide and by such reason our civilization is headed to the abyss of its extinction… unless citizens take ownership, integrated humanized capitalism to the daily course of their lives.


We have witnessed for decades that so-called “progress” does not generate real social welfare, nor better conditions of life. The so-called “developed” countries have a very low rate in relation to the empathy with the other peoples of the planet, solidarity is not… Missing mechanisms? In those countries “of the third world”, they cry and laugh. The countries of the South are countries of smiles and tears, while in the developed countries that are called the first world (of the North), there are large amounts of stress and much depression and loneliness and numerous suicides and people within a terrible vacuum. Some know how to deal with their conditions, and others, sink and are dying despite having better conditions to enjoy an increased quality of life? Who is better developed?

There have been NGOs for decades, but an organization that advertises its solidarity activity and raises funds, all of which never reaches its destination and continue campaigning and telethons and, where exactly are the collected resources going? Non-governmental organizations are companies that cover their own expenses first and then help those in need, right? By being able to “teach to fish” they are limited to delivering fish to guarantee their own existence and the continuation of a situation that is not resolved. ENERGYS solves unemployment, prevents crime, reduces poverty… all of these are great evils that politicians have not solved.

True solidarity is straightforward, you do not need publicity. Solidarity that is advertised and sold is corrupt and does not obey the concept of compassion. Giving what is no longer needed is not generosity, it is charity. I have given away what I had for myself and, that which hurts you and that you need, is a lot similar to human kindness and piety and nobility of spirit. I have many anecdotes, but I work like tales of intrigue that can count in private. I do not want to hurt anyone or affect the reputation of any institution. But I assure you that we need a new vision of cooperation with the weak countries and marginalized people and, from there it was born the concept of a global digital social currency… What was property of individuals and not of the financial institutions or governments! A currency that enables people to interact from a perspective in which both parties multiply their satisfaction and benefit, is understood as social capital.

It is not necessary to kill the system nor to abolish the Economic Mechanism or prohibit the Market, but instead, to simply implement social innovation that emerges from the global digital social currency that translates into a more humane and reasonable and sustainable capitalism under the dictates of the base and not the top of the pyramid.


The embezzlement of public funds isn’t only connected to the lack of control over the destinies of money, it has to do with the particular way in which people behave about money. The accusations go back and forth because of the corruption that allows the current economic mechanism, says a lot about how public officials understand the value of money and its potential. Behind the word State, individuals of both sexes are hidden, meaning that money has clear connotations which exclude the general expression of well-being that however, includes global humanized capitalism which is facilitated by the ENERGYS DEVICE.

How do the States collect? Do they do it in a clear and transparent way? How do they administer the proceeds? Do they do it in a misleading way that facilitates fraudulent citizenship? It’s possible to speak about this matter, knowing with certainty the role of the International Monetary Fund and other financial institutions, right?

From the power of monopolies, the tax system can be explained. It is curious to find out that bread and milk are taxed the same as caviar and champagne. The technique of “monopolistic dictatorship”, of exploitation of the town, threatening the citizens, is focused on controlling the money and in its management and, protected in public administration, only a few families decide how much and where and how public funds, where “public” has only the name, are distributed.

For example, the “subsidies” will always be destined to the same places, like tax exemptions. The Spanish government, regardless of political forces that are in front, mainly posts the same annual figures “to defend work”, taking charge of a percentage of the salaries of companies. Why is most of the public work intended for the demands and needs of the same people wearing different costumes around the castle? How can it be that the State is a partner and participates in companies, seizing the pension contributions of workers?

The Spanish plunder of Spanish heritage is executed from the public administration: the collecting apparatus for certain elites.

In Spain, as in many other countries, politics is contaminated by this kind of corruption. In the case of Argentina, the money of the Argentine people is at the service of the monopolies that have control of the cash-drawer, and for that reason, they decide and command, and the public complies in fear of punishment and prison. But what if the rules changed, what would happen? What if citizens could “make money” with the same ease and joy that financial institutions make it?

It turns out that of the money collected by the state, the people get the crumbs and the remains of the Pharaonic party. If the population lacks courage and economic resources, their fighting initiative is reduced to zero, but the popular clamor of mumbling souls does not subside. Frustration with such repression is channeled through the consumption of escapist entertainment that also helps to consolidate business “above the powerful,” but this happens because of the prominence of the ego and the mind. The critical movement of a thinking mass is excluded from civil society that can’t find ways to combat social injustice in the absence of a magic wand as icing on the cake. But… if the new rules contained an opportunity to reduce the maneuvers of the perverse system, what would happen? What if the fierce and unbridled capitalism, suddenly had a friendly face and a human behavior?

The “monopolistic domination” lack of ethics and morality and is exempt from the most basic and elemental basis for harmonious coexistence. Corruption is the classic expression of economic terrorism. The top of the pyramid ruthlessly takes advantage of the base it exploits. Social work and sacrifice is used for the exclusive benefit of a few with privileged information and power that mark the distances with the illiterate people they call the Civil rebellion. And yet… this group of citizens could give their backs to the parting of the heads of the elites. What would happen of that were possible? What if the world’s citizens congregated in the Global Nation that itself legitimizes global digital social currency?

Money is a medium to do activities which are expected to have social content and community service, right?

Every country should be considered a country in “permanent construction”, in other words, the distinct governments should adapt themselves to the circumstances of their period and provide certain verdicts and take decisions with more knowledge of each case. The politicians have demonstrated being terrible architects in terms of social welfare. The judicial-constitutional structure should be a reflection of the soul and of the free will of the population of the nation.

Is that the case where you live? Do you understand that the things that happen in your country and the manner in which they happen, can directly correspond to your personal feeling? Would you like to find a manner of reflecting your particular skills and talents in your daily routine and in the transformation of your country?

And if you see “your country” as the country of all humans. And if you notice that the planet is the global home of the human race. And if you share the idea of consciousness of unity and universal brotherhood, do you think that together we can build a better world?

Does your country have soul? Obviously! The soul of the country is the soul of “its people” but today, the citizen’s soul is being seized and trampled by the system. ENERGYS offers the possibility that energy has societal potential.

The construction of GLOBAL NATION doesn’t have to be done, it already exists. The blue pearl has been inhabited by men and women since time immemorial, (error – should have used present perfect – is inhabited by men and women since time immemorial) and they are constituted for the simple fact of living in this global village that is EARTH. But love of “home” is not processed in our time. It lives on the back of Nature. And yet, it is possible to solve the serious problems of our world, of all types and conditions.

Never before had the fact been clear that the overall fate of the world could be managed from the grassroots of civil society. Never before has the citizenship had a voice and the option to act freely. Never before has the direct use of the gifts and talents been able to integrate and actively participate without restrictions in the future of the human race.

During the nineteenth century the great European nations were consolidated. Now in the twenty-first century, the climax of unification has arrived with GLOBAL NATION as the Unity in Harmony.





Another lifestyle for a model of coexistence that reduces conflict and increases personal and collective welfare.


An attitude of openness and empathy to greet the world with a smile at the conduct and a conviction in the performance of the improved society.


We give thanks to the economic crisis for having given us the opportunity to jointly create a superior version of our civilization through the ENERGYS device and the concept of GLOBAL NATION.


Global Humanized Capital allows all “things”, to be reorganized and adapted progressively, from common sense and unconditional love, something unprecedented in the history of the human race. The policy has been marked from the financial, but the door that is opened with the empowerment of civil society, clearly indicates that at the negotiating table in which are laid the 5 System Tools: governments and international organizations and financial institutions and large industrial corporations and secret intelligence agencies, all coordinated by the powerful families that represent 1% of the world population and have excluded the interests and needs of 99% of the other citizens of the planet, now, thanks to the global digital social currency that they have to relate and interact, and moreover, to create and propagate it, to use as payment and job creation and artistic activities that previously could not serve as a daily activity for lack of being profitable, it is not they can come and sit at the table to negotiate with these five tools that control the powerful families to dominate and exploit people … It turns out that the men and women who make up the vast majority of the world’s population, can, each and every one of these people, draw the lines of their lives and draw the panorama that they like most without having to be thankful to the boss, the boss of whatever class it is. It is the end of the authority by force and impunity. It is the beginning of social responsibility and happiness that depend on the same, of what is done and how it’s done. But we don’t speak of substituting or prohibiting traditional money, instead, simply enriching the concept and feel of the economy,  complementing the paper money that circulates without any spine and at any domination – official money – adding to the potential human value and of the job well done and consciousness. Money is no longer in short supply. You no longer have to go to the financial institution to solicit credit that you will convert to debt and be obligated to pay fees and interest! Now you can look at each person in the community as a cash machine from which you can extract money in a legal way with an exchange of your gifts and talents.



  1. A) The monetary mechanism/financial system is unstable on its own, and proportions an unsupportable dynamic for the people and the planet.
  1. B) Provoke short-lived situations, like reactions to what happens, orchestrated from behind the scenes, the only ones that have a long-lived vision are the intelligent people but very light on questions of love.
  1. C) Concentrate risk on small power groups, those that dramatically bring judgement upon 99% of the world population that are known to be enslaved and exploited.
  1. D) Destroying the potential of civil society, skills and personal abilities instead of finding the way to be present in the daily activity and in the particular genius of the citizen, such a case is lost to lack of space to breathe.
  1. E) The powerful families collect institutions that serve to keep inventing structures that suffocate the rest of the world’s population, without a hint of remorse and with absolute diplomatic immunity.

“Traditional money” is a scarce commodity in the hands of the powerful who are protected by the system, however, the “social capital” is abundant, only that it has not so far had the opportunity to demonstrate and express itself in society. ENERGYS converts the five mentioned points in sales for the global civilization.


  1. A) Humanized Capitalism carries a strong balance from the base of harmonious coexistence which translates into agreements and peer to peer (P2P) transactions that support both sides equally and redound favorably in the community and nature.
  1. B) Encourages the formation of shares that will benefit future generations, varying the methodology that puts them ahead from the inside out, taking control of the occurrence which drives participation with joy and conviction and free personal choice.
  1. C) Promotes independence to create wealth and welfare that results from the synergy with 99% of the world population, joining forces in the common task of a healthy, peaceful, united, and cheerful world.
  2. D) Feeds human capital of the sovereign planetary citizenry that assumes the Earth as home and the planet as a GLOBAL NATION.
  1. E) People and their gifts and talents, join forces and are present in society, men and women display their genius in the daily celebration tinged with commitment and responsibility.

Social architecture is online. The destiny of our race begins with the great network in cyberspace, of the organization from the base and doesn’t pass through a website where someone controls it. The future of our civilization goes through the reform of money, improving money, perfecting a money today that is not backed by anything and remains operational only because people give confidence … would you have confidence in the current economic mechanism generated by the untenable situation of the last decade on Earth?

Confidence in ENERGYS will be viewed by a “click” like giving the ‘I like’. Men and women will write the next chapters of our civilization. You want to create a form of Abundant New Wealth and Work for Sustainable Planet? You want to create a circumstance that prevents unemployed status and facilitates you to carry out your dreams? You want to create a form of exchange that will reduce poverty and prevent crime? If you want it, you can participate in this modern and pioneering architecture in which every citizen is vital and whose actions transcend society.


It is a truism, money is a social creation and as such, it can be created from the base and not only from government bodies serving elites. Today, money and the global economy are not fulfilling the role of “facilitators of exchanges” for their absence and the control that “a few” have over the population without wiggle room. The consequences of this tyranny and abuse perpetuated for centuries has been and will be a disaster for 99% of the world population if we do not remedy it together, through our actions, through the device humanized capitalism.

The money is out there, it is in that place because someone put it there; do you want to participate? Do you want to be part of history? Do you want to contribute your grain of sand that will become legacy for the human race?

The “form of money” does not matter, what matters is what and how the money is managed, right? The computer application in the phone device is irrelevant, the ENERGYS device may also be used from the home TV or on any personal computer. Money is used for many things besides paying the bills. Money is used to manage the destiny of our race, and this opportunity is put in the hands of men and women. Is this a sign of irresponsibility? They answer with a resounding yes! Who wishes to continue feeding the effort and work of others? But relying on the responsibility of every human being who is immersed in the consciousness of unity and universal brotherhood, only offers advantages for the community and the planet. It is much less risky than leaving the agenda of our society and the fate of our species. In the hands of callous people, clumsy in love. They have already been proven to be incompetent and neglectful, effective and ruthless “people” with the neighbor and his brothers, with plenty of evidence to show that they are good only for the materiality and their own interests which are summarized in accumulating possessions and people who “suck blood” like leeches … yes this is really dangerous!

This newly presented “Version of Money” contains an integrated vision that excludes no one, not even public office or members of the boards of directors of large financial institutions. The most significant is that it equally empowers the carpenter and the president of a large industrial corporation, making a nurse equal to a prominent woman in international diplomacy. None has been given a special opportunity nor are they rewarded with a special award. Total and definitive Equality!

We have overcome utopia. If you really want to go beyond the system, you can alleviate the current global problems, locally, from daily shares, from the share amount that adds and reduces the “crisis”.

Are you interested in attaining a form of existence with dignity and solidarity that benefits all inhabitants of the planet, and is in tune with your own nature and Nature itself?

There are reasons for optimism and enthusiasm if you are a free spirit with a desire for adventure. Amid so much depression and apathy, stress and anger; rather than hatred and thirst for revenge, there is good news: the revolution in communications technology shows us the way. The pace of evolution and expansion will be set by every citizen. The current economic mechanism can be split creatively, and you, you can be part of these circumstances, regardless what your own motivations are. Electronic transaction media are everyday items, sufficient to contribute, moreover, our gifts and talents. The ENERGYS DEVICE is a transparent and neutral social operating system that builds confidence and reduces “potential negativity” among users who, together, oversee and reach a consensus on the destiny of our civilization.




Fullness in life is only for those who listen to the beating of their heart and share it with the community.


Peace exists for those who are connected with the vibration of their soul and who make their own inner treasures available to others.


It’s possible to flow from the complex to the simple, from circle to spiral, from that which appears absurd to that which seems much more optimal and adequate.



 What if all the money in the world suddenly disappeared?

What would happen if a different form of currency arose, changing the way we buy and sell and do business?

What would happen if we found a middle ground in which all parties could win, government banking, and civil society?

ENERGYS Device is the complement to traditional money which, besides enriching the global financial system, improves people’s quality of life socially and globally, with utmost ease.

Each person chooses to exist with the feeling of defeat and failure, or with the aspiration to improve our race. The ENERGYS Project is a gift to the world population in the form of a challenge. In itself, it is nothing, stuff doesn’t work just because one person has a beautiful idea. It requires implementation in society, and that means that women and men incorporate it as their own instrument, to rescue our civilization from extinction. It is an attitude that dignifies and honors those who are deployed in this regard, which unfolds through conciliatory behavior that brings synergies to combine joint efforts.

If we are to be honest, there is a lot of misleading propaganda in Money and Finance. But it turns out that in the end, money is what everyone wants to have and use according to their decision. Every man and woman on the planet has their own ideas about life and the world, but this occurs at the depths of his or her soul. In the mind and Ego, perceptions are what brand the System. The environment has been conditioned and what has happened since last October 12, 2016, when GLOBAL NATION (NACIÓN GLOBAL in Spanish) was founded, is that the world reality will be drawn by the people. It’s that simple. It will be easy once the circulation of the global digital social currency is moving through cyberspace in a manner that is both agile and safe for the successful completion of its mission.

The current social system has proven to be cruel and unjust and inhumane, and so, do we continue with crossed arms? Do we get up with weapons and kill the bad guys? It is better that we find a way to live together on the basis of affection and respect, isn’t it?

Few people listen to what their heart cries out with each beat. The soul is the voice of God, regardless of what the Pope or Religion has to say. It is the vibration of the Supreme Consciousness, independent of the laws of governments. Energy, taken as a concept, is the idea that moves the physical world and manifests itself while giving rise to reality. It is in the grasp of every human being to contribute to the improved society. From perception and conception comes creation, resulting in action and occurrence.

99% of the planet’s inhabitants are in agreement that the daily affairs that set apart 1% of the world population are because they maintain an artificial life based on excessive profit and the accumulation of possessions, and a greater share of power. It is easy to understand that the future of our race passes by the present global citizenship. There are still some lazy and sleepy humans, but if they wake up and rise, no leadership will be able to push back the gigantic wave of humanity activated.

We say “humanity activated” because, within the 99%, 37% cannot be considered civil. While the military population continues serving its “leaders” without questioning the nature and purpose of their orders, and while they follow the “uniformed ranks” of the armies and the police forces, harming civilians while they close their eyes… That is, that while the Soldiers of the System don’t care about the fate of their own race, and while they don’t understand the communion of souls of citizens, the mutation process slows down … but it does not stop!

The starter pistol rings out like an echo in the mountains! We are leaving behind the system that has kept the wealth and property of the most basic resources in the hands of those who have the most privileged information and the capacity to manage through coercion and abuse. The survival of citizens is no longer based on “being more competitive.” The primacy of the “fittest” in Market and Financial aspects is no longer imposed. The most capable is that person who understands the purpose of World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS and the usefulness of the ENERGYS device, and the advantages of the Economy of Cooperation. The perverse “superiority” achieved to date has been determined by the syndrome of the most ruthless and insensitive automatons of the System that have forcefully imposed their doctrine and agendas, besides all of those regulations that favor only them. However, with the founding of GLOBAL NATION a stage in our civilization is inaugurated that goes around the pyramid, setting the Average Citizen of the planet as the one who will hereafter determine the activities and their value thereof, offering through financial supplement, an opportunity for health and peace and equity and shared joy.


There are no limits to human potential when it finds a social device where it is encouraged and spread everywhere. The financial system has never permitted the attainment of the highest exponential degree of societal energy and talent. But ENERGYS facilitates that in each new agreement and transaction, the activity becomes a continuous education that frees kindness and compassion, skills and abilities, empathy and affection, respect and responsibility, spreading the excitement of effective dynamics to consolidate another model of civilization.

Opportunities are available for all people on the planet regardless of the country where they were born or the annotations in their passport. It’s no longer about trying to imagine, soon the people of the global village will be able to experience just how much power is available, and how “rich” the men and women who make up the citizenry of planet Earth really are. Everyone is “valuable” and made possible the expression of his particularly totality through everyday acts, the ability to be “a better person” and more “happy” is manifested in the GLOBAL NATION community.

The ENERGYS project takes full meaning and is displayed as the perfect System repair. It is the appropriate mechanism for economic renewal. It is about the strategic ally that does not harm the financial elite. Nor does it impair the functioning of governments. International organizations should issue a public position on this excellent initiative of world citizenship. It is time to return sovereignty to the people. It can be done without having to tear down traditional structures and known institutions. It is urgent and necessary to adapt the system to the accredited social reality of this principle from the 21st century.

This attitude of planetary identity, of citizen manifestation, of cosmic expression that becomes terrestrial behavior, proves to be a source of joy and popular festivity, as it reflects the sovereignty of the human soul.

The ENERGYS device is perfect for the essence of the people to move like a supplement that enriches traditional money. It expands the exchange function to provide money from a social magnitude not previously available. The economic mechanism has always focused on Materialistic Temperament.

Money has traditionally served to buy and sell products and services, excluding the opportunity of the vital character of being which produces and creates the thing or performs certain activities. The physical bodies include the astral plane and its lesser or greater degree of density, every citizen is linked to their lower or higher frequency of vibration. The majority of people are not associated with their species, and do not adhere to the lack of hugging within and connect from the soul to society. The process of conciliation is an issue that we have discussed in the “THEORY of evolution” and “Phoenix: Pass from the circle to the spiral” which expands so it can be implemented.

So far, in the countryside or the city, between friends or suppliers or clients, any agreement or financial transaction has been focused on the thing obtained rather than the satisfaction of the act that makes you feel useful and elevates your self-esteem by offering the possibility of a result and the result does not have to remain material. It can become a reflection of your soul that vibrates in the activity. Cosmic energy is expressed physically through the reflection in acts that become historical issues and events.

There is a constant unquestionable presence of life in every action. Identification as a believer or non-believer is to live under the premise of religion, however, the feeling of simply FLOWING, regardless of cultural traditions and family heirlooms and academic learning and government rules and popular dogmas and fads, the opportunity to merge with the cosmic-energy soul-consciousness is what World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS promotes the creation, together of a healthy and peaceful and united world. Opening to the cosmic energy in every relationship established during the workday or during leisure, it is the ability to experience the presence of life and the existence of perfection and harmony of the Cosmos on Earth.

The soul is not our property, it belongs to the Source. There is a fundamental law of the universe known as Natural Law. It is the only law that contains substantial value, and, if met, all the rules and regulations of governments would lack any sense. The source of life is a constant presence in our lives but the Market and Finances and Fear have hindered its expansion. It is known that in every human being there is a portion of divinity. However, you cannot imagine the flash of light, you cannot make up your sound, you can only be in harmony with divinity-source-life. People can be in her, and, even better: everyone can BE HER. And this is precisely what the ENERGYS Project permits.

The largest and most flourishing species are those that have been able to reduce infighting to a minimum. The race most likely to continue evolving is the one that practices mutual trust and mutual help that pleases those who provide it while strengthening the community. But if they continue pressing “the bosses” with the money trap, without introducing an improvement, where is the freedom?

The ENERGYS project & GLOBAL NATION ensure and enhance Liberty, and, likewise, equally favor Equality (of opportunity and condition). It has to do with friendly coexistence consensus favoring shared joy.

This is not only to change the WORLD. This is mutating from within so that the inner treasures of the soul sprout and expand in society … For every man and woman, to be the expression of improvement that longs to see the world! Is it inspirational?

It is time that the average citizens who have been passive and submissive for the events of life begin to make all kinds of different and interesting activities as artists of GLOBAL HUMANIZED CAPITALISM. People are the creators of history, and understanding this is what will begin the transformation of the planet. We don’t have to wait for any government decree or Church sermon. The authorization of any institution or Sports club or political party is without need.

The AGENT of the 21st century ILLUSTRATION is called ENERGYS. The technological device enabled the mobile phones assumes that civil society is fully capable of managing itself and managing it’s life story and the concept of the improved world.

The ILLUSTRATION from CIVIL SOCIETY was clearly seen during the days of the Arab Spring and in countries where the INDIGNADOS movement occupied the public spaces of the West. Since 2012, people can connect more easily and quickly with your soul. Many men and women have woken up. Most human beings on the planet do not expect a leader to do or say something concrete on when and how to hold an event. For some years, the citizens have acted more for their particular conviction and inner feelings, than because of routine and inertia of habitual days where they shut up and nodded withot questioning events.

The combination of the virtue of Anarchism with THE ATTRIBUTES of SOUL in this view of GLOBAL NATION results in the organization of the world’s population horizontally, in other words, without charismatic leaders or meddling institutions. Leadership is replaced by coordination. The middleman is eliminated in favor of direct treatment on equal opportunities.

The ENERGYS project is a long range social process, and is NOT about a sprint. We are entering a historical stage where we have the choice of a qualitative leap in the coexistence of the human race. It can take ten or thirty or fifty years to complete. The goal should be the appreciation of the journey, evaluating each step of the way, taking every lesson of the way. Focusing on the panoramic view of the forest and not just in a single tree, this is the attitude. We do not understand the magnitude of the mountain when we are climbing up the slope, only from afar can its size be appreciated in its entirety. There is no final score. It is a wondrous journey.

It is not true that the only thing needed is to replace the Negative Leader of the System with a Positive Leader. The obstacle is the authority! The cause “for all the ills of the world” is the concentration of power at the top in a pyramidal hierarchy system.

As long as an authority structure remains in society, its components will remain entangled in power struggles. The reason why there are struggles with the power is because there is POWER. But if the concentration of power disappears, absolute power will no longer corrupt absolutely. The key to the general welfare and solidarity and peaceful world is to reduce the intensity of power. Struggles decrease if you decrease the share of power.


Anarchists of yesteryear were despised and cursed, why? Most people who deny the existence of the soul have a lack of understanding and broad-mindedness. Anarchism was a word that caused panic and terror among the population and that’s why disorder and chaos became associated! From the heights this idea was promoted, and the idea of murder in the streets. But the truth of Anarchy, especially if it comes from the depths of the innocent and delicate soul, is that it represents the purest expression of free will and Civic Freedom. ANARCHY with SOUL is the equivalent to the Sovereign Society that emancipates from the System and manifests from the gifts and talents. The thrill of the storm? … The expression of equal opportunities seconded by responsibility and respect!

The history of development of our race and growth of the human being has to do with the boldness and daring to publicly present revolutionary ideas that break schemes and contradict reality. This is the story of the difficulty of each avant-garde notion to make their way announcing the arrival of a new dawn. This is the case with ENERGYS & GLOBAL NATION & World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS. But in our time, the opportunity to achieve improved society and the best possible world, is a necessity that it is urgent to the decline of our civilization and the collapse of the system. There will be opposition and hardship and adversity, however, nothing can be worse than continuing to perpetrate the Economic Mechanism that governs the fate of the citizens of planet Earth.

ANARCHISM with SOUL marches serenely within the concept of GLOBAL HUMANIZED CAPITALISM, the greatest expression of social innovation in recent decades.

It makes sense that this expression shocks people trapped in the labyrinth of ignorance, accustomed to acquiesce and accept the abuses and injustices. It is foreseeable the poisoning and the media intoxication of the Financial System henchmen who fear misplacing the property of the “human farm.” They will do everything they can to prevent the next May 17, 2017, when the computer application can be downloaded freely and for free on mobile phones across the world population.

There is no point rebutting their arguments or responding to their attacks and defamatory activities, just focus on the task of using the global digital social currency and things will be put in place on their own, since 99% of the citizens of the planet is imposed on by a centrifugal force amounting to about 1% who believe they are masters of the world. GLOBAL NATION represents people waking up with the consciousness of activated unity and skin-deep brotherhood. This critical mass describes the fact that their vocation of service is to the community. We are a community that focuses on shared joy. We enable cooperation and solidarity and foster peace and stability.

The ENERGYS project is a quick and easy, practical and viable technological process, whose aim is to revive Fundamental Humanist Principles. Of the Technological device mutual trust and mutual support for the general welfare emerge, this kind of economic cooperation can be harmful or counterproductive?

The ENERGYS project, Is it the equivalent of sowing violence and destruction? Should it be rejected as rude and dangerous? Let’s hope that women and men of the planet, do not judge based on rumors and coffee chats. This means that false interpretations let by interested parties in the current financial system, can not be imposed on the meetings prepared to bring down the age of GLOBAL HUMANIZED CAPITALISM. The knowledge of the matter deserves attention and concentration and a personal and nontransferable decision of each citizen in particular. At stake is the fate of our race and the future of Earth.

The true criterion of the practical and convenient, is to find out if the ENERGYS device has enough stamina to outrun the official, classic money option. We’ll see starting May 17, 2017 when people can choose to use the global digital social currency in addition to the current Economic Mechanism. Can you outrun this wild muddy lagoon and unstable capitalism and circulate fresh and transparent clean water? … Of course! You can build the building on another hill. The new life of planetary citizenry begins from the manifestation of the attributes of the soul.

From this conception, ANARCHISM with SOUL is definitely practical and convenient. The viability of the ENERGYS Project is supported by the legitimacy that men and women around the world will give to this version of a healthy and peaceful world as presented, a viable possibility, where unemployment and crime and poverty are issues that are directly shuffled under CIVIL SOCIETY, bypassing the institutions.

The emotions of imprisoned persons in the Third Dimension, still captured by their own apathy and conformism and resignation, tend to allow the Materialistic Temperament and Ego and Mind govern their lives and thus feed the Economic Mechanism. These people will be freed after reading THEOREM TO EVOLVE. They will be reinforced after the implementation of PHOENIX (pass the circle to the spiral) and after reading PDF BLUE, Free Will and the Widespread Empowerment of the Global Citizenship, will establish the best version of THE IMPROVED SOCIETY.

Let’s hope that no-one appeals to the bloody stories of Anarchism in the past. ANARCHISM with SOUL is the spread of the attributes of men and women who share their inner treasures with the community. It exists an evil monster that devours everything, this monster is called TRADITIONAL MONEY, and it belongs to the current Economic Mechanism of the System that has proven to be destructive and brutally violent and inhuman.

Ordinary citizens are capable of extraordinary things, the only thing missing is a gun that shoots LOVE. Knowledge is a weapon, if you know how to properly use it. The ENERGYS device is a pump that diffuses GIFTS and TALENTS. GLOBAL NATION cleans the panorama of weeds to grow healthy fruits.

ANARCHISM WITH SOUL challenges global citizenship to think and feel for themselves, with autonomy and responsibility, independence and respect, community health and shared joy. The Integral Technology Process investigates and analyzes the ENERGYS Project to discover that there is no authority, nor is there a centralization consenting to surveillance and that approves the control for subsequent submission and slavery, everyday issues in the system of government that operates on Earth today.

We suggest a model of social organization based on freedom without restriction, but with an emphasis on responsibility and respect. It promotes a voluntary commitment by members of GLOBAL NATION that add to Humanized Capitalism & BGandT. It encourages people to ask key questions. Do the  forms of government of the 21st century relax on the physical and psychological violence? Are financial institutions dangerous for civil society? Are international organizations really necessary?

For the implementation of the global digital social currency in the System, it would be necessary obtaining the support of the state government and international organizations with the approval of the financial institutions and large industrial corporations… Are you sure? The practice of the economy of cooperation, Does it need to be legitimized by the system? NO! The citizenship is sovereign and you can stop paying taxes and sink the current economic system, just as you have the freedom to incorporate in their agreements and transactions a measure of guarantee for the success of personal relationships through ENERGYS.

Something as simple as MONEY, comes with great complication when translated into everyday behavior of people in society. Money is NOT an end. It is a medium to organize exchanges. From the start, in putting the terms in their rightful place, a conversion occurs on the way of understanding money. What is significant is that making money facilitates exchanges and bartering. It is a scientific fact, that however, hasn’t applied for decades in the nature of money. There’s no need to study for a masters or for a scholar to note the delusion of the current economic mechanism.

The premise of the ENERGYS device is: if you sow humanity, you get a human harvest.

The current fiat money system doesn’t have to be ignored, you simply need to give added value whose representation are the gifts and talents of people. It is a formula that is implanted naturally and progressively. Most companies are created to make money, and what contributes to society? But this situation can be changed by the employees without having to mediate the directors or shareholders of their workplace. World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS holds the banner that is displayed in cyberspace whose motto is mutual trust and mutual support so that together, we can meet our needs and increase the quality of life and personal and collective fulfillment.

Assembling the term competitiveness with cooperation, in such a manner that there is cooperation rather than rivalry is what makes The ENERGYS project and GLOBAL NATION so great.