Open source programmers – free software

Among other projects, we work on the EVOLUTIONARY version of money that REVOLUTIONIZES the current panorama along with the concept of classic/traditional money.

We are looking for open source programmers: Capable and passionate people who want to make their mark in the history of our race, contributing to an ENHANCED SOCIETY.

If you consider that we can join forces in this grandiose vision of the decentralized global/planetary/universal social (crypto)currency … ENERGYS, please contact:

Being familiar with Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology would be highly useful.

We are creating together a comprehensive process that is composed of several stages. A transaction of ENERGYS, in its current conception, looks like this:

1. Query the Registry of balance data and reputatation data (publically visible or encrypted at user’s choice)
2. Transaction by mobile phone
3. Data uploaded to the Registry (blockchain or other decentralized system without a central point of failure)

The ENERGYS digital planetary social currency has an “added value” that no other form of payment has as of today, and it is there where the force of change lies for an improvement that provides the opportunity to turn the pyramid around to make it so that the planetary citizenry are who determine the pace of economic life of the world population, rather than let it continue to be manipulated by a small elite of obscure interests. We speak of the sovereignty of civil society.

TEAM ENERGYS – Visionary people, focused on social innovation and the creation of and participation in a better world than the current system.