The BGandT Proposal: prints in the capitalism of the 21st century, the social responsibility on the part of the citizens and their awareness of unity and empathy with the rest of the world population.  The current for the improvement comes from women and men who have become aware and who, with honesty and courage, make their mark in the History of Humanity. It isn’t sponsorship of the World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS, achievement is the reward of the effort and enthusiasm of global citizenship: GLOBAL NATION.

World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS is the antidote to the excessive power exercised by bad governments and international institutions. Internet isn’t just an extra space in the virtual world and that’s it. Cyberspace is an ecosystem that interferes with physical life. Internet is not only a place where you sail on the seas of information, it is a space for the exchange of ideas and data and knowledge and a host of other things. But the intervention of the agencies behind the name of Intelligence are hidden to spy, intervening in the lives of citizens and entrepreneurs and journalists and of the leaders and presidents of organizations shows that nevertheless, they can monitor for criminal purposes in the name of national security. Hypocrisy!

World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS It is understood that moderate capitalism, with limits against damage to third parties, with governments who can regulate more awareness, preventing the disproportionate ambition of economic actors, is an issue that should resolve their own members chronically addicted to money and power. The alternative to starting working from scratch and from somewhere else where we can lay a firm foundation to construct the building of the new society is the equivalent of piercing the veil and demonstrating that before everything falls, an alternative exists. But we needed a useful and versatile tool that was a wise move for our race.

World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS devotes a high level of prudence to emphasize the cordial familiarity and friendly companionship that sustains a community focused on citizen fortune.  The most important thing is that we are not economists, nor do we understand balance sheets or accounts or accounting entries. We are interested in finding alternatives that humanize this ferocious and unbridled capitalism that invented the system, which is consuming our civilization.

World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS works tirelessly for the attainment of the comprehensive process of Project ENERGYS next May 17, 2017 as a cause for international partying, will the media function as windows as they usually do on the official agenda? Will comments be made on the radio and televisions of nations… let’s hope they will! But whatever happens at the media level, the Internet will allow the articles and videos to become viral and reach any lost point on the globe, and for that, it is to share and spread the word, because information flows freely and truth of the opportunity is something that each person decides on their own, without distortion or manipulation, freely from anywhere on Earth.

World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS recognizes its users and beneficiaries under equal conditions and rights and opportunities, extolling those singularities and abilities that make each person “special”, creating interactive processes for the potential to participate and enrich the community with relations of affection and respect among members.

Work needs a broader reading than simply “employment” and “occupation” because the possibility exists that each person feels useful andof value for society, and feeds the self-esteem and community built by us all. It is a spiritual work that frees the cosmic energy that jobs today do not allow because of the hierarchical organizational charts where men and women can not express their feelings or openly express their thinking, employees can only accept and follow the guidelines of their superiors (bosses or owners).

For BGandT (BDyT in Spanish) the dignity of women and men on the planet is a priority. For this reason savings in traditional money are not captured, no-one seeks to capture passives … we capture human assets … so that those assets revitalize communities … capture investors who have Valuable Internal Investments and provides a simple and versatile device that can invest in the society. It is a transformative impact that mutates our civilization.

In the activities of BGandT, civil society is vital because it is for itself, with it and for it that all activities aimed at the general welfare, a way of proceeding that is not present in political parties or sports clubs or large commercial brands, which do not look beyond running their horizon no matter who is on their sides or behind them. In all three cases the interest advocates. In all three cases they are focused on separation rather than unity. There can be no community or society when groups distance themselves and exist to divide instead of favoring unity in convivial harmony.

The magical charm of BGandT is that it promotes projects and campaigns of positive social impact from the meeting and agreement between people create an improved society together. For this reason it makes no sense to accumulate a high balance, because the more you spend, signifies that you are more invested in your gifts and talents in the community, far from the meetings that give life to the structures of exploitation and destruction like arms factories or chemical weapons laboratories.


World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS wants to be a catapult for economic cooperation that displays a healthy, peaceful and united world.

BGandT starts from the fact that people, everyone, are rich and wise and are healthy, when they are able to manifest themselves in society since the whole of being. It is the opportunity to fully manifest which causes such joy and fullness, preventing any psychic or mental illness. It is from the ability of social communication and ofsocial capital that the world is healthy. It is the world that is sick, it is the system that hurts people, money is the cancer of the planet. It is free will that allows the reversal of the pyramid which will cause a lack of depression where suffering simly does not exist. The resolution “of problems” passes through the wise decisions that show “challenges”, motivating the search for meaning in life and a chance to transcend. It is with this simple, easy, comprehensive elixir, that we can design, together, the best possible world.

World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS suggests that since no citizens have to renounce their consciousness and cosmic opportunity to display power in society, the activity of men and women around the world will be organized much better through ENERGYS. This device that “computes humanity” is what legitimizes the sovereignty of the Person against the Legislator which requires that society be organized through the slips of paper with little drawings of colors whose value is zero, in other words, nothing.

World Bank GIFTS and TAENTS exclaims: For what reason does the Person have a concience? Let us be human beings first and then subjects of the state if they want! Is it healthy to cultivate such respect for the law when innocent people are in jail and the spoiled and corrupt move with impunity through the streets and restaurants and golf courses? We are clear: there are “soulless” institutions and the large corporations and financial institutions do not have a conscience, and then … why are they protected under the legal umbrella of “legal person” and why do the companies have even greater advantages than people? Stop this hypocrisy!

World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS: aims that together, we create the mutation that our world needs to effect the founding of the GLOBAL NATION with its own currency managed from the base, in other words, created by the people, managed by the people, used by men and women on the planet outside of State and Religion. There exists no need to “fight” the system or “destroy” the Negative Heads, we only need to simply grow a healthy and peaceful alternative that complements the traditional currency. It’s that easy!

The ENERGYS device maintains a coexistence and respect between the parties to build an enjoyable experience manifested in the general welfare of the population.

World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS is of this purpose: economic growth that includes “human capital” in the equation.

How are the GIFTS and TALENTS deployed in the community?

BDandT emphasizes the need to complete the fullness, in other words, it involves the kind of pleasant interpersonal relationships, life goals and purposes that inspire our passion, personal commitment to ourselves and social responsibility. It is a set of activities that converge in all, in the existential journey to reach the Totality that facilitates ENERGYS.


BGandT addition. It should not make, In no case, your interpersonal relationships difficult or less productive. It is emerging from the flexibility so that through everything, we perfect this effective use of energy in our work and leisure activity and in every commercial transaction involving a meeting and an agreement that must be based on the principle: I win if at the same time you also win and we favor each other mutually.

BGandT multiplies. If this dynamic that arises between people moves to the area of companies and countries, the usual environment of conflicts could be reduced to a minimum because it is well known that “two don’t fight if one doesn’t want to”. Protecting someone who avoids confrontation is not a sign of defeat or failure, because sometimes, losing is winning. And you win in humanity when you act properly and whoever thinks they have won, either a criminal or unscrupulous company or an arrogant country eager for conquest, does so without achievement or victory if they cannot follow because the local population penalizes them and requires a social capital they don’t have. Not everything is money. We often forget the power of the soul that is activated and that is expressed in its totality, fully manifesting the gifts and talents that each person has.

On an open channel, BGandT transmits the rates of wellbeing and happiness without doing surveys that can be altered depending on certain interests that are far from the economy of cooperation. The social impact of the ENERGYS device is exceptional and extraordinary. The consistency of the idea vibrates in the hearts of people, it is the heritage of humanity. The reaction that those who hold the powers in the domes of the pyramids will have, on the release of the news, will speak of their humanity and sense of their world and, above all, the prototype of the world they will bequeath to their children and grandchildren.

The transparency of the ENERGYS & GLOBAL NATION Project guarantees that it is an initiative completely independent of the structures of the System. The first and last word always comes from the Person. All women and men in the world are exposed to the scrutiny of the rest of humanity. The armor that institutions use to justify the acts of politicians and their executives no longer exists. The reaction and sensitivity in respect to economic cooperation reveals who the System automatons really are to the orders of the Chief Negative, and those who still have sensitivity and tenderness to love themselves and others.

The human capital of civil society can sustain this practice, and at the same time star as the Transformation Agent to configure, like, for example, promoter and spokesperson complementing traditional legal tender. More and more users of the website contact us to learn more. Intuit the key developments looming in the coming years of social change.

What is essential is shared by all women and men on the planet, no one wants war or enjoys the suffering and extreme poverty of another person.


GLOBAL HUMANIZED CAPITALISM has the privilege to set up the social space of the very people instead of the institutions.

Every institution, whether a financial institution, an international corporation, a functioning government, a global organization … all of them! They are constituted by men and women, by attitudes and behaviors, by values and talents, by actions that define the institution in a direct manner, but are free to people who use their power in said institutions or are imprisoned by orders and hierarchy in exchange for monthly money to survive?…

ENERGYS comes to put the fundamental principles of being human in the right place for the full performance of citizenship and for their own benefit.

The system is as it is … but the system has been created by people and, every day, every man and woman in the world gives validity to the system that perpetuates their acceptance … there was no other alternative, ok … so far!

The social landscape is changed and new technologies have come to facilitate understanding between the people who make up the core of the System. A lion devours zebras but doesn’t devour other lions, however, we humans kill each other over absurd issues and hidden interests that are alien to those who shed their blood. Close your eyes and put your hand on your heart and mute your mind for a moment, what does your soul say?

Philosophy means the love of wisdom. Ethics is part of philosophy, economics too? NO! 250 years ago, the economy independently opened a path of social devastation (and yet material achievements are applauded). The economy lives in society but is not related to people, it only analyzes the criteria of the statistics that leave out the concepts of quality of life and human well-being and the planet. The economy should be a tool in the service of human society, not an end in itself.. A MIDDLE! It should therefore be based on human values and ethical principles. But this still doesn’t happen nowadays.

Happiness and performance are linked, it is known that a happy and satisfied employee is more productive and effective, however, most companies and countries, trample their employees and their citizens. It’s absurd! And there is a solution: revitalize the blossoming of values in interpersonal relationships during commercial transactions, for this reason, the ENERGYS device has been postulated as the ideal complement to the traditional economy … because it is human capital.

          HUMAN CAPITAL OF THE EARTH …                           AN INEXHAUSTIBLE RESOURCE!

The assumptions that drive the planet’s economy are not in tune with the true desires of human beings. Money invigorates selfishness whereas as the economy of cooperation is based on solidarity for the common good. If it is clear that the economic model used to date promotes inequality and fear and scarcity, there is an urgent need to reinvent the system, taking advantage of DEVICE, reducing poverty and preventing crime and eliminating unemployment … three great evils of the last century solved with a snap of the fingers!

The World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS does not charges fees or expenses and nor does it pay taxes, because its social currency is the energy of the people.

The World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS does not distribute profits among its users because the biggest benefit occurs in the interaction and exchange of energy among its users.

The World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS does not take an account of annual operations nor are there outstanding balances and rates of interest, since the result of its function is the quality of personal relationships in the meetings and agreements of its users, freely reached and that data is reflected in the statement.

Project ENERGYS grants autonomy to each person, each assembly of GLOBAL NATION, each community governed by the GLOBAL HUMANIZED CAPITALISM, and is expressed by the economy of cooperation.

Ethical banking is born of popular feeling craving another economic model than the traditional which is based on speculation and greed. It is based on consistency in finance according to ecology and social justice. What has happened for decades, is that economic institutions have been funded with the savings of people who surely, had they been asked, probably would have said “No, with my money, that is not done”. There is another way of “doing banking” approaching human dignity and solidarity, which includes public participation.

It breaks with the rigid aesthetics by incorporating more spontaneous and natural aspects in the activity. Some filters are incorporated from the social base that measure the performance of financial institutions and the use and meaning of money as currency. BGandT maintains a clear humanist vocation and a well-defined orientation to the economy of cooperation. The common good is essential for an improved society.

BGandT, among other actions, supports fair trade and encourages the empowerment and development of emprenuerism and social innovation strategies in cyberspace. It has an eye on renewable energy sources and promotes healthy organic food and organic farming. Protecting the ecosystem is vital to our race. Safeguarding an ethical culture is a key factor. Revaluing the artistic and cultural heritage from a different area than the institutional, is to promote equal opportunities and possibilities open to kidnapped talent. We must not lose sight of the social and health and educational services that may be outside the public administration. Ensuring social cohesion and integration into the working world of people with disabilities, definitely sets a healthy, equitable society and more pleased with itself.

BGandT is a virtual space that connects two parts and coordinates activities to ensure the viability and social health of projects, but does not operate any bank account, nor is it an essential intermediary element and without which the agreements and transactions can not be given. Users of the ENERGYS device are directly involved in banking operations as single characters. The activity is reflected in the Universal Free Public Registry (UFPR). The validity of economic deposits is performed by the decentralized technological application itself with similar Bitcoin cryptocurrency dynamics. This is how user independence is given at any institution. So transparency is easy nowadays thanks to the Internet.

BGandT does not need publicity, it doesn’t need fancy offices on the corners of the main streets of the main avenues of the city. Any meeting in a park or on the beach or on top of a mountain or by the stream or the corner bar next to home or inside a vehicle in the parking area, anywhere is valid because what really matters is the quality of the conversation and the commitment to the shared joy that is created by the active ENERGYS device in mobile phones. That is what Humanized Global Capitalism is: collaborative work, a Commerce Collaborative, a leisure collaborative.

BGandT does not include financial donations. Its purpose is to create a figure that can be positioned next to the traditional image of the bench to give people the option to decide for themselves whether they are empowered and to participate in the creation of the improved Sovereign Society through the use of global digital social currency as a complement to traditional money that has marked the history of our race.

BGandT does not promote an adhesive label to stick to the flap. Energy is printed on the DNA of citizenship. There is no need to go outside to shout at it, or to raise banners or block access to highways and airports. Yes it would be good for songwriters to make catchy musical compositions and artists to reflect the new culture of cooperation in their works for the general welfare of the world’s population, and in their dances and sculptures and poems and paintings and films and moral stories.

BGandT imposes nothing, demands nothing, only promotes from example, a parameter where new generations can give credit to fundamental human principles that have to do with freedom and truth and love and brotherhood.

A society that prioritizes solidarity and equity, social justice and fair trade, equality and ecology, organic food and use of the ENERGYS device is a society that is enhanced at every step.

Are there products and services that are unethical? Is the financial balance sufficient even If not including the basic humanist principles?

Do managers and executives and the heads of government have the opportunity to express their gifts and talents in the economic activities of companies and countries they represent?

Laws must obey the feelings of the people, but for decades they have been drafted and approved to favor lobbyists and the elite in the shadows. It is true that a small number of people pay attention to the vibration of their soul and most subjects -held- to the System, are clumsy in love and ignore the sense of general well-being and shared joy, therefore, more than ever, we must join forces to bolster the flow of the synergy of the gifts and talents in action, so that the printed energy in any agreement and transaction offers a model of superior civilization.

While people remain passive and conformist and resign themselves to a mediocre and miserable life where money hold power and LOVE shines in absentia, the savage capitalism will continue bolting fiercely. Since 2008 chaos has multiplied. The collapse of the system is getting closer. However, keep in mind that ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things when they join in trust and communication that facilitates new technologies. The average citizenship, precisely, the thousands and thousands of people who have been betrayed by their governments, have the power on their mobile phones to design the new social paradigm from the civil base.

ENERGYS is SELF-MANAGED by every man and woman on the planet for fair distribution of resources and care of nature. Can you trust an ecologically-minded person? Can you trust a person who shows sensitivity and respect for all living beings? Can you trust a person who shows empathy and behaves from the expression of consensus and mutual use of wealth?

There is a generation of people focused on general prosperity. A flourishing citizenship with the intent to jointly exploit the gifts and talents in harmony, away from the competition and individuality of greed and selfishness that leads to vanity, violence and insensitivity. It exists a cosmic society for reciprocal, productive and effective profit, which ensures the expression of the totality of all men and all women of our planet.


World Bank TALENTS and GIFTS will circulate projects and programs and planetary actions targeting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, for example, the young man who fails his first job because the person who is offering the contract requires experience and, if no one is hiring for failing to meet the requirement, how is anyone supposed to gain the experience required?

Project ENERGYS & GLOBAL NATION will demonstrate that any citizen in a situation of limitation and poverty is indeed a person of unlimited and abundantly rich conditions, we simply need to find ways to boost their gifts and talents and put them into circulation. The material resources and the absence of classical money are not important. What is significant and transcends society, has to do with the adventurous spirit and the conscious will, with radical ideas that challenge the established and the ability to carry them out. The inner conviction is basic, and then the ENERGYS device is responsible for putting people in touch for the common good and strategic alliances. You do not need to find a venture capitalist or an investor or venture capital firm. The best initiatives quickly find allies and for this reason, the social network, GLOBAL NATION exists.




Nobody is a threat to the interests of the people when it is understood that ENERGYS is the heritage of humanity and the device that regulates the confidence and the level of results in agreements between citizens during any working relationship and during trade and entertainment, among all contributing to the harmony and stability of a peaceful and happy society that has achieved social innovation and improvement in the system.




The success of others becomes profitable heritage for all women and men on the planet that can easily and quickly turn to whom they know will contribute to the resolution of a conflict and the window of opportunity that offers the advantage of an agreement that ensures a degree of effectiveness that is a somewhat more fun and enjoyable transaction, rather than the tedious and serious mechanism of regular pay. Thanks to the support of the world’s population that legitimizes the capabilities and the confidence level of people using global digital social currency ENERGYS, the system is corrected and a better version of the world is possible.

The DIGITAL REPUTATION is a value on the rise. The particular wisdom which can be collated and everyday behavior which can be determined, are public data to help improve interpersonal relationships. The possibility of free consultation to UNIVERSAL PUBLIC REGISTRY indirectly establishes standards regarding behavior in society by its members. The valuable advantage lies in that the device is regulated by the judgment of the implicated people and fundamental humanist principles, immediately discarding any warning signs to remind negative behaviors.

ENERGYS.ONLINE is confidence and effectiveness, key elements for the functioning of an improved society, but it is also talent and communication, and that voice of alarm that cries collective relief.

ENERGYS.ONLINE allows that the best of each person is corroborated by various individuals and publicly exhibited for the general welfare of a society that aspires to a just and united world.

ENERGYS.ONLINE is a social counter that evaluates and reflects the information in the Free Universal Public Registry (UFPR). How much trust does the community put in a person’s name and a History of Digital Life? The information can only come from people who maintain direct dealings with each other, not from the hand of a stranger who is focused on popular rumor or gossip or who has the dark intent to harm. The information must be for the use of the base and not just an elitist dome that is used for sinister purposes. The data is generated from base to base, from people and among people for the use and enjoyment of people.

World Bank GIFTS and TALENTS lacks ambition or desire for power. In front of us there is much work to be done and apparently very little compensation. However, it greatly stimulates in us the opportunity to participate in this historic moment of our race.

ENERGYS is not valid for those operating from the arrogance and pride of the ego, the global digital social currency is for people with humility and dignity who put aside the desire to be right and look at others with the eyes of the soul.




It is the children who see their parents make history who will make the biggest difference, watching them spreading a behavior that contributes to a healthy and peaceful and united world. They will use the ENERGYS global digital social currency with total normality at the dawn of humanity.




Achievement depends more on the collaboration of those involved in the process of great talent and individual intelligence, for that reason Humanized Global Capitalism exists to save the human race from its own self-destruction because of greed and selfishness from enacting possessions and private property. You can use and enjoy goods and services in an environment of empathy and celebration.


The world can be transformed with the initiative to proceed in a distinct manner in front of the processes that has been for centuries harming the lives of people, as in the case of traditional legal tender, for this reason we encourage you to use the global digital social currency complement in any electronic transaction, the new economic era of cooperation and technology together to achieve an equitable and responsible society where the value of people does not determine institutions and their accreditation.

Each person in turn requires another person to achieve the meeting, therefore, within this climate of mutual trust and mutual benefit, the social capital is constructed that enriches the best version of society we are building together with the world population that focuses on the general welfare of humanity in a climate of shared joy.

The virtue of others is learned through the self-discovery of oneself during exchanges of gifts and talents in economic cooperation, deepening the strategies of mutual trust and value-reciprocal interaction that is shared with the rest of the world, with the experience and the result of the relationship, heritage information that is freely accessible that contributes to improving the future performance of any upcoming meeting between people who are not yet known. So the virtual environment serves as a channel of connection for the best people who are connected with a high margin of assured efficacy and based on a shared objective that subscribes within the framework of social responsibility and commitment to the general welfare.

Negative Leadership has the power to generate economic, political and social changes that fit their particular interests.

Money is a perfect weapon for citizens to self-censor until suicide, the economic mechanism which is faithful is the wolf’s mouth where they are devoured.

People are increasingly collaborating less in System practices, traced in the form of a hierarchical pyramid of power, and some are already in line with ENERGYS.

We are at the stage of the awakening of consciousness. The consequences of a predatory economic mechanism, evidence of increasingly organized violence from governments protected and directed by international organizations and constant poverty of billions of people … this is the announcement of an inhuman System. Greed. War. Famine. They give way to the consciousness of unity, universal brotherhood, it is the Era of HUMANIZED CAPITALISM & GLOBAL NATION.

Nowadays, only one thing maintains live financial institutions: the monopoly on the creation of electronic money.

The giant named the planetary citizenry has awoken and is ready to get up, who could stop such a world power?


In this period of great importance for the future of our race, it is vital that intuition and imagination take over from the rigid reasoning that has given authority to the system.

  • ENERGYS project exists for deep cooperation in the economic field, contributing to the enrichment of society in a meaningful way that avoids injustice, and eliminates the abuse of power.
  • The ENERGYS device is a factor of social innovation of real and viable utility, a qualitative leap in the joint creation of a healthy, and peaceful, and exciting world, where the fullness of people is a simple truth that harmonizes with the environment and nature.
  • The global digital social currency ENERGYS is the emancipation of citizens. This is our desire: to create the canvas whereby all the people are free to choose the colors and shapes they want to represent the artistic work that is the human race.

People are faced with the choice of RENOUNCING A FORM OF LIFE THAT IS EFFECTIVELY AN IMPASSE … If we activate ENERGYS this current form of life will be largely reduced, this constant fear and suffering and longing to accumulate more objects and possessions. Because this is the general reality, much as it may be concealed or justified, the majority of people seek a “happiness” that they will never find unless they connect to their cosmic energy … unless they are planted in the mirror and jump to the other side … unless they are observed from the other side and can be seen in their WHOLE.

Citizens should be independent in their feeling and thinking, autonomous to act, always responsible for their actions. The ideas come imposed by force and subtlety of advertising and the influence of the official agenda of the System, hurting and diminishing human potential. The society that does not reflect the gifts and talents of its people, is a closed structure of pyramidal hierarchy that dictates the rules and the forms on the backs of women and men on Earth.

                 What kind of person should I become to achieve my goals? … Error in approach!


What kind of person do I need to be to know the goals I should achieve? … Now, yes!


Am I all I can be? Am I actually who I am? Who am I truly?


For centuries, governments have prevented the people from joining their hands together in mutual joy and absolute freedom in a sign of Unity.


For the planetary citizenry to be autonomous and independent and complete, only The Tool is lacking. And the tool is called ENERGYS, global digital social currency… The equivalent of wielding a powerful weapon! On October 12 the Age of Global Humanized Capitalism was born, legitimized by the mobile phones of every man and woman on the planet… Next May 17, 2017 we’ll have a gun that shoots love … united consciousness, universal brotherhood, and shared joy, the best seed for our civilization.

In GLOBAL NATION there are many ways to have fun and prosper without harming others, multiple games that, it should be noted, are agreed upon between the different players instead of being set by a single alien governing body who decides whether YES it can be done or NO it can’t be done, commanding down from its pedestal through fear and punishment. The cosmic generation looks to enjoy life and have fun with it, rather than hoard possessions and fight for being right and triumphant (joy during the journey instead of ecstasy at the end of the objective that is reached alone and carries disappointment and inner emptiness). The happy and enriched life experience is precisely what allows ENERGYS – Global Social Digital Currency … appointments and meetings that allow sensible and pleasant agreements that are formalized in intelligent and reasonable transactions. The money of the people!


This chronic crisis we are living as dramatic and painful, contains the seed of the most effective and rewarding solution, since it shows the failure and neglect of the institutions and governments while offering the citizens the possibility of taking control to resolve the situation, one, by ourselves, autonomously and independent of the State and Religion and the Marketplace. The situation is totally global, it is fully integrated, and it is absolutely widespread.

We talk in terms of economics, politics, culture and ethics and morals, to define some of the most classic and easy aspects to account for. There are a number of serious issues that are repeated, for example, extreme poverty and lack of water and food, industrial overproduction and consequent consumerism due to advertising deception and coercion from culture, imperialist violence and war to do business and many others “problems” known by all.

That is, that to the “unresolved issues” of the last century, we must add a collapse of the economic mechanism because people no longer trust in the Financial System nor in the State and Religion. However, we must add the pervasiveness of the digital world, the Internet is a giant social network of citizens who make up the world’s population, namely: GLOBAL NATION (NACIÓN GLOBAL in Spanish).

Cyberspace is present in our physical lives and partakes both local and international levels. It extends relentlessly to reach anywhere in the world without governments and financial institutions and can halt their huge presence in the world. It is a live ecosystem that adapts and regenerates and expands so that communication is direct, without intermediaries, immediate and global … easy!

Internet and cyberspace are the fourth dimension, the place where people have the opportunity to MUTATE and then reverse their behavior in the physical world that manifests as the Fifth Dimension and the option of a better world… The Better Society and the possibility of sovereign citizenship… Another world is possible!

After the famous December of 2012 when “the end of the world came” a way of understanding life and the world began to emerge. There is a way to be that benefits the people, the community, and nature at the same time. We have left behind the stage of normal science. We are entering the stage of evolution. This understanding that harmonizes the consciousness of unity and universal brotherhood is both easy and global. To start the social game and fun, men and women can translate their feelings without fear of reprisal from the authorities, as being responsible for their actions, they have the ability to deploy gifts and talents through global digital social currency regulating GLOBAL NATION & the ENERGYS Project.

The impact of digital humanity is colossal, in all aspects, both “human” in its digital form as in the digital Humanity that is omnipresent like a single cell in the ecosystem inhabited by netizens.

At different stages in our history as a race, wars have been turning points for change, and this time, it is exactly the same, but the advantage is that in the coming war, the citizens will have a weapon that shoots love instead of bullets. ENERGYS doesn’t proclaim that red blood be spilled, but instead the blue energy of the blue planet we inhabit as humans. The power of people is manifested through agreements and transactions with the magical device for the relations linking from mutual trust and reciprocal support for personal and collective welfare, it is such a unique finding that we are starting a war we have already won, a war without victims and with achievement for all, a war whose conquest is the territory we already have, for the earth belongs to each and every citizen equally, and is not owned by a few elite groups eager to own the world and owners of a human farm to exploit.


Who owns the tickets you carry in your wallet?

Is money owned by those who create it or by those who have it?

Citizens often think that the money they have is theirs and theirs alone. But when you look at the whole forest, instead of just looking at the trees in front of you, you quickly realize that money doesn’t belong to its owner, but instead to whomever “creates” and regulates the economic mechanism that governs it.

With respect to the Euro, it is the European Central Bank who creates and regulates the money. In the United States, the function is fulfilled by the Federal Reserve, a private company. Why can’t there be a “money of the people” created directly by civil society and regulated by the agreements of every transaction?

The countless local currencies operating in the world, are a tool that registers the exchanges in a given population or region to create an alternative economic mechanism to dispense the “official” currency, which is, to replace the traditional currency protected by the government and controlled by the banks.

There are many ways to think and feel about moneyand to enable a versatile financial system that integrates everything: it is a viable, easy and global possibility. Can you imagine a global digital social currency that is created and has a permanent function in terms of human quality and its interrelationship in harmony with the personal goals of their impulses? Can you imagine a device that combines consensual efforts and facilitates agreements and exchanges between citizens? Can you imagine a new way to channel your talent and your dreams that is also productive and profitable on a global level?